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Company History

Founded in 2006 in the Midlands of South Carolina, Tidewater builds some of the fastest-growing saltwater boats in the industry.

The company pairs with talented and skilled workers coupled with the best in materials to create high-performance center console boats and bay boats.

Some of the Tidewater center console boats include their 320 CC Adventure, the 272 LXF, the 232 SS, the 2410 Bay Max, and the 2700 Carolina Bay.

Shipyard Stats

  • Model: Center Consoles 210 LXF, 220 LXF, 232 SS, 232 LXF, 272 LXF, 180 CC Adventure, 198 CC Adventure, 210 CC Adventure, 220 CC Adventure, 232 CC Adventure, 256 CC Adventure, 272 CC Adventure, 280 CC Adventure, 282 CC Adventure Bluewater, 320 CC Adventure, and 380 CC Adventure, ; Bay Boats 25 TPR Raptor, 2210 Carolina Bay, 2300 Carolina Bay, 2500 Carolina Bay, 2700 Carolina Bay, 1910 Bay Max, 2110 Bay Max Tunnel, 2110 Bay Max, and 2410 Bay Max.



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