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New and Used Large Yachts for Sale

Search all new and used large yachts for sale available by location, size, year, price, brand, and more. Available in all different sizes and levels of luxury.

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About New and Used Large Yachts

What is a Large Yacht?

A large yacht is a mega yacht or superyacht that is above 24 meters or 79 feet in length. These oversized vessels are generally for private use or commercially used as charter vessels. Large yachts will always have a staff or a crew that will cater to guests every whim, with white glove service. Crew of large yachts generally include a stew, a chef, a captain, and deck workers. Large yachts are generally luxury yachts, and feature amenities such as a Jacuzzi, outdoor dining, water toys, and some will even have a spa on board. Large yachts are enjoyed out to sea as well as at anchor while on vacation and help create memories for friends and family that last a lifetime.