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Large Yacht Buying Guide

What is a Large Yacht?

A large yacht is understood to be those vessels larger than 24 meters or 79 feet in length. This is commonly the length where you’ll start to hear large yacht type terms like mega yacht or superyacht on up to the largest of gigayachts. This term can also refer to both motor yacht or sailing yachts and encompasses various types of vessels. Large yachts will generally have a captain and other crew on board to help with operations, with the number of crew depending on vessel size and accommodations. As the vessels grow larger, they grow more complicated in operations and require increasing numbers of crew to operate – with the budgets (and gadgets) to match. Some of those largest yachts on the water are stunning examples of yacht design and engineering.

What Are Large Yacht Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

A large yacht can be built from many materials, including wood, steel, aluminum, and composites like fiberglass, GRP, and carbon fiber. As a general term, a large yacht can refer to either a motor or sailing vessel, so it follows that the hull design will vary – a sailing vessel could potentially have a monohull or multi-hull design, and a large motor yacht’s hull may be a displacement, semi-displacement, or planing hull form. Naval architecture has seen a boom in recent years as the demand for luxury vessels has increased – bringing with it the most up to date and envelope pushing designs in the world. When finding your perfect yacht, if speed is a requirement, a planing hull is your best option, or a semi-displacement option over full displacement.

Why Should You Buy a Large Yacht?

You should buy a large yacht if you’re looking to enjoy ample space and luxurious comfort while cruising. Whisk your family or friends away on adventures around the world with all the comfort and amenities of a five-star hotel with your crew available to cater to your every need. A large yacht has space for many amenities, which could include a pool, spa, gym, and beach club, so it can really offer anything you can dream of. Picture yourself on deck, drink in hand, while the Caribbean sun shines brightly – and that certainly can be your reality when you’re on a large yacht. You can travel the world in the height of luxury to some of the world’s most popular yachting destinations.

What is the Largest Yacht Size?

The largest luxury yacht ever built was by Lürssen in 2013 with the launch of AZZAM. At 592.6ft. She can accommodate up to 36 guests and has an impressive 80 crewmembers onboard. While this isn’t necessarily the norm, there are many yachts listed for sale on that are in the large yacht territory.

How Much Does a 100 Foot Yacht Cost?

All 100 foot yachts will not cost the same price. Finding the perfect yacht for you, maybe not be the same as it is for someone else. When scanning superyachts for sale, a few things to be cognizant of that can affect the price tag are:

  • Builder – Is it a custom built model or a prefab model? Is it a highly regarded shipyard you’re hoping to buy your luxury yacht from?
  • Design – Who completed the interior and exterior design? Who was the naval architect? Sometimes more reputable names will carry a higher price tag.
  • New or used – Is it a brand new luxury yacht you’re hoping to buy? Or is a used superyacht for sale more your style?
  • Yachting destinations – Where are you hoping to go with your new yacht? Are you hoping to complete some ocean crossings, or is it more of a luxury yacht to cruise short distances with?

To find your perfect yacht, you’ll want to keep these things in mind when looking at yachts listed for sale.

What is the Average Price of a Large Yacht?

Many will advise that new yachts over 100ft have a but of a formula – $1 million per 3.3ft in length. Based on this calculation, a brand new, 100ft yacht will cost you $30 million. However, if you are looking at a custom built yacht, or superyachts for sale on the brokerage market, the price will increase or decrease accordingly.

Large yachts can truly open the world for the owner and offer exciting new yachting destinations, stunning designs by world renowned naval architects, and complete privacy to enjoy with your guests. To find your perfect yacht, is an excellent place to start and explore the many yachts listed for sale around the world.

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