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Giga yachts are extremely luxurious and opulent vessels that are 220 feet and over with a private crew and usually fully customized designs. Search for your next giga yacht based on size, builder, or location now.

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What Is a Giga Yacht?

A giga yacht refers to the world’s largest luxury yachts that are 220ft and over. They are usually custom designed and include very bespoke details by yacht designers like Winch designed exteriors and world-famous interior designers, with large beach clubs, swimming pools, and space for helicopters, personal submarines, and toys for both on land and at sea.

Giga yacht concepts are growing every day as demand for these vessels grows. From steel hulled explorer yachts to giga sailing yachts, you’re sure to find the perfect yacht for you when looking at the largest yachts in the world.

How Big Is a Giga Yacht?

Giga yacht concepts start at 220ft and go up from there. The world’s largest luxury yacht currently on the water is the privately owned AZZAM, which measures 590ft and is noted as the largest superyacht in the world, built by Lürssen in 2013.

However, two other luxury yachts in the world do surpass this size but are not technically privately owned. SOMNIO will be the largest yacht in the world, at 728ft, featuring Winch designed exteriors, this is more of a combination of luxury yacht and ocean liner so is not a purely private giga yacht concept. However, REV, measures 597ft so just above AZZAM’s 590ft, and will be mostly used for scientific research and environmental protection programs. More of an explorer yacht style, REV features exterior designs to withstand all weather conditions and has been penned by one of the great yacht designers, Espen Øino.

So technically speaking, AZZAM remains the world’s largest privately owned superyacht in the world. While Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos was recently handed over his new yacht, KORU, the largest giga sailing yacht in the world at 417ft. Sailing yacht A has a length of 469ft, however it is more of a motor sailer than true sailing yacht.

What Are Giga Yacht Concepts?

Giga yacht concepts are those models created by yacht designers and superyacht builders to show potential owners what is possible. When searching for the perfect yacht for yourself, you may not always be able to find it on the market and need to look elsewhere. While it will come with a giga yacht price tag, the superyacht industry has some of the top exterior designers and interior designers in the world, ready to help make your perfect yacht become a reality.

Whether you want a steel hulled explorer yacht with helicopter pad, multiple swimming pools, beach club, with a plethora of water toys and top speeds to help you cruise all around the globe, your yacht designer and superyacht shipyard can make this dream come true.

How Much Does a Giga Yacht Cost?

Since giga yachts encompass the largest yachts in the world, they’re going to come with the price tag to match. Luxury yachts in this category will start above and beyond the top prices for other yacht sizes. Depending on the level of customization, giga yacht prices might start at the low end of $200 million, with some, like 533ft ECLIPSE rumored to have cost over $1 billion. This yacht features two swimming pools, spacious beach club, helicopter pad, personal submarine, and multiple security features. Due to the level of custom-built superyachts in the world that fall under this size category, it can be hard to give a distinct range for giga yacht prices.

If you are looking for a truly bespoke giga yacht with customized interior design and exterior designs penned by famous yacht designers like Winch designed vessels mentioned above, or those by Terence Disdale Design and Espen Øino; or even looking to be crowned as the owner of the largest superyacht in the world, finding the perfect yacht is easy when money is no object, and the sky is the limit! From infinity swimming pools with sea through bottoms, to beach clubs spanning multiple decks, there is no limit to what is possible when designing your own giga yacht concept.

What Is the Difference Between a Mega Yacht Vs Giga Yacht?

Mega yachts are generally accepted to be the same as superyachts – vessels that are at least 79ft in length. Once a mega yacht or superyacht reaches the 220ft mark, they officially become giga yachts.

If you’re unsure of the right size or style for you, booking a giga yacht charter can be a great way to get a feel for the size and volume of the yacht you need. A yacht charter is always an excellent way to test out different yachts and models before purchasing your own. You might think you want a giga sailing yacht, only to find out, a steel hulled explorer yacht is more your style. Or perhaps you thought you needed multiple swimming pools and a large beach club, only to find out these exterior designs exceed your needs. You can see how a giga yacht charter could be the perfect way to understand what you need when you are searching for your next perfect yacht.

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What Is the Fastest Giga Yacht?

With a large load to carry, you won’t find giga yachts breaking any top speed records. However, AZZAM also holds the title of fastest giga yacht in the world with a top speed of 31 knots.

What Are the Best Giga Sailing Yachts?

Five of the largest privately owned giga sailing yachts in the world are below, with the shipyards that are responsible for creating these large and majestic vessels:

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