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There are many types of boats for sale that are affordable, and are under $100K; some can make excellent yacht tenders. Search for these boats by length, type, year, and more below.

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What Boat Builders Build Boats for Sale Under $100k?

There are many boats for sale on that don’t cost a fortune, in fact, there are some boats for sale that are under $100k. Quality used boats are not hard to find if you do your research, and some are actually affordable. YATCO allows you to search for used boats by price, so that you can find the vessel of your dreams that doesn’t break the bank.

There are a number of excellent boat builders to choose from in the $100k mark, they include:

What Types of Used Boats are Available for Sale Under $100k?

There are a wide variety of boat styles available for sale under $100k. Whether you are looking for sailboats for sale, motorboats for sale, or even catamarans and power boats for sale under $100k, YATCO is the perfect place to start your search.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Used Boat in This Price Range?

Most entry level boats will be priced at under $100k, so you’ll want to think about what you want out of a boat and what you want to achieve. While they may not have the same range as larger yachts, here are some questions to ask before buying your next boat under $100k:

  • How many people do I want to have onboard?
  • How far do I want to be able to cruise with my boat?
  • Do I want to do some sportfishing?
  • Do I prefer a motorboat or is a sailboat more my style?
  • Do I want to do some water sports with my boat?
  • Do I want to be able to sleep onboard? And if so, how many cabins do I need?

What Are Some Common Features and Amenities Found in Used Boats Under $100k?

When purchasing a boat under $100k, you can expect to have a few key features and amenities (same may pertain to the larger boats found for under $100k):

  • Digital GPS
  • Radio and entertainment system
  • Inboard or outboard motor
  • Small dining area
  • Bow and aft deck seating with cushions and storage
  • A cabin or two down below
  • Covered driver’s seat
  • Covered awning
  • Anchor
  • Fishing equipment
  • Water toys
  • Lines and fenders
  • Sails and rigging (if buying a sailboat)

Are There Any Additional Costs I Should Be Aware of When Purchasing a Used Boat Under $100k?

If you’re buying your new boat with a reputable broker, they will ensure there are no hidden costs when purchasing your boat. There will be a list of items that will be included in the sale, similar to a home, so you are well aware of what you will acquire when you buy the boat.

Find a broker near you that can help you buy your next boat here.

While it might not be a legal requirement, insurance is highly recommended and will not come with your boat already insured. It is your responsibility to shop around for insurance quotes and secure coverage for your boat.

Find more information in our Boat Insurance Guide.

Can I Find Both Sailboats and Motorboats Under $100k?

Yes, you can definitely find sailboats and motorboats for sale under $100k. Depending on the size and style you are looking for, there will be entry level boats of all shapes and styles in this price range.

Can I Find Luxury or High-End Small Boats Under $100k?

Luxury boats will be very hard to find with a budget of $100k. You may get lucky and find some older models that might qualify as “luxury” but you will need to stretch your budget for truly luxurious boats.

One option is to look at luxury boat tenders for sale – which are often small boats and may have more options in this budget than standard luxury boats.

What Are the Different Sizes of Boats That Can Be Found Under $100,000?

While not a hard and fast rule, the largest boat size you’ll likely find with a budget of $100,000 is around 50ft with the average being around 30-35ft.