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For over three decades, Monterey Boats has been building models that include its sport yachts, outboards, and more. The company employs a 5-step process with 3D modeling software to ensure proper use of every inch on board each of its boats, and they thoroughly test each for performance, electronics, engines and durability. Known for its lifetime warrantee on its hull and deck, the boat builder proudly stands by each of its vessels. Scroll below to search our boats for sale MLS listings now!

Williston, FL

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Monterey Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
260 SCR; 260-275 Sport Yacht 2009-2019 27.5ft 8.5ft 4ft
262 Cruiser 1997-2002 26.41ft 8.5ft 2.83ft
265-276 Cruiser 1993-1999 26.83ft 9.5ft 3ft
270 Cruiser 2006-2008 29ft 8.5ft 3.33ft
280 SCR; 280-295 Sport Yacht 2009-2020 29ft 9.16ft 2.41ft
282 Cruiser 2001-2006 28.75ft 10ft 3.08ft
286-296 Cruiser 1993-2000 28.83ft 10ft 3.08ft
290 Cruiser; 300 SCR 2006-2012 31.33ft 10.25ft 3.08ft
298 Sport Cruiser 2003-2007 29.58ft 9.5ft 3.08ft
302 Cruiser 2000-2006 30.41ft 10.5ft 3.08ft
320-335 Sport Yacht 2011-2020 33.83ft 10.83ft 4.25ft
322 Cruiser 1998-2007 32.66ft 10.83ft 3.33ft
328 Super Sport 2011-2019 32.16ft 9.66ft 3.75ft
330-340-355 Sport Yacht 2007-2019 35.25ft 11.25ft 3.33ft
350-360 Sport Yacht 2006-2011 37ft 11.5ft 3.5ft
400-415 Sport Yacht 2008-2015 41ft 12.5ft 3.75ft

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