The World’s Most Unique Yacht Builds Part 2 – Direct from Patrick Knowles – THE ISA 63m

The World's Most Unique Yacht Builds Part 2 - THE ISA 63m

When asked about his most unique design, renowned yacht designer Patrick Knowles says, “Over the years, I’ve designed several very unique projects, however I must say the one that tops the list in the unique category is that of the ISA 63m….for many reasons, the primary being that of the complete and utter uniqueness of this particular vessel.”

Patrick Knowles, THE ISA 63m

Nothing Pedestrian About the Central Yacht Hub

Regarding the Grand Starboard Foyer, he says, “There is nothing pedestrian about the central hub of this vessel, from the palm wood detailing in the perimeter soffits, to the hand painted rainforest mural in the staircase proper, the 10 meter (30 foot) tall Murano glass light fixtures spanning 3 decks in an interpretive design of sea anemone ascending from a koi pond in the lower deck, to the highly bespoke hand-woven area rug in the form of scattered orchids.”

Patrick Knowles,THE ISA 63m Yacht Interior

Nothing Short of An Heirloom Piece of Art

When describing the custom coral reef and family of seahorses, he iterated, “I especially enjoyed creating this particular piece with a jeweler in which the idea was to forge a massive and impressive coral reef occupied by seahorses each representing a member of the family. All of which were rhodium plated and encrusted with a bevy of Swarovski crystals in colors reflective of the palette of their individual accommodation suites. The end result is nothing short of an heirloom piece of art with sentimental value.”

Patrick Knowles - THE ISA 63m Yacht Exterior

Accommodations Developed in the Tropical Sea Life and Fauna Theme

Patrick also talked to us about the thematic accommodation suites, and said, “Each accommodation suite was developed in a theme relative to tropical sea life and fauna. Such themes were inclusive of coral, palm, hibiscus, orchids and bamboo which were expressed in various forms of craftsmanship such as hand-woven carpets, hand carved wood panels with an aged nickel leaf finish, mouth-blown glass and hand painted textile fabrics created according to our strict design directives.”

The owners request for unique, different and custom was extended not only throughout the vessel, but also onto her exterior deck spaces as well. All photos taken by Kristina Strobel.

When asked what made the requests so atypical, Patrick stated, “Firstly, the owner’s requested my team to create the feeling of being on a perpetual holiday in the topics with contemporary overtones. As a private vessel, the owner was most concerned about meeting their personal requests and needs which made it a wonderful creative design experience free of the demands and requirements that typically come along with a vessel that is designed for a broad market as is the case when a vessel is being built for the charter market. Secondly, it was very important to the owner to limit purchased items, but rather, they were most interested in the custom designing of elements specifically for their family which elevates the bespoke nature of the yacht. When in her presence, the level of customization is evident at every turn. We are pleased to say that the end result was received very well by the owner and his family. The vessel has been delivered a decade ago and it is still being enjoyed to this day….”

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