The World’s Most Unique Yacht Builds Part 1 – LYNX YACHTS

YATCO interviews shipyards, yacht designers, and naval architects to bring you this series of The Most Unique Yacht Builds from around the world. Enjoy these one-of-a-kind yachting stories that tell-all about some of the globe’s most interesting vessels.

LYNX YACHTS – Most unique build: YXT 24 Evolution Shadow Vessel

The most revolutionary yacht built by LYNX YACHTS so far is the YXT 24 evolution, delivered in 2019. It is a highly unique yacht because “it was the first time that a Shadow vessel was conceived from the beginning with the clear idea to be like the tribune in a stadium to watch people making tricks with wake surf and E foil surf. Furthermore, the client asked to have his favorite car onboard, a Land Rover defender 110!” says Filippo Rossi, Commercial Director and Sales of Lynx Yachts.

What made the requests so atypical?

“Because it was the first time for me to receive the clear indication to create a real playground at sea. This fantastic owner conceived his yacht as a basketball court, a paddle court, a place where to enjoy time with friends, a gym, a watersport center, it’s really something different from a shadow vessel which the only purpose is to carry toys.” ~ Filippo Rossi, Commercial Director and Sales, Lynx Yachts.

How did it turn out?

The client is now spending more time onboard of his shadow vessel compared to the time he spends on board the mother ship. The captain of the mother ship once told me, “It’s unbelievable, the owner and his guests just sleep on board and as soon as they finish breakfast, they go on the YXT playing all day long!”


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