Regal Boat Buying Guide 2023

Regal Boat. Specializing in fiberglass boats from 19 – 52ft, Regal Boats offers sterndrive bowriders, outboard bowriders, center consoles and sport yacht models to choose from. 

Regal Boats is owned by Regal Marine Industries and is a family-owned company based out of Orlando, Florida. Specializing in fiberglass boats from 19 – 52ft, Regal Boats offers sterndrive bowriders, outboard bowriders, center consoles and sport yacht models to choose from.

Featured Image Credit: 42 Grand Coupe 2018 42′ REGAL Motor Yacht

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Who makes Regal Boats?  

Regal Boats opened its doors as Regal Marine Industries in 1969 by Paul and Carol Kuck with the goal of starting a family-owned and operated boat building company. The dream lives on today by their three children Duane, Tim and Pam. 

Where are Regal boats manufactured? 

Regal Boats are still manufactured in Orlando, Florida today. 

Are Regal boats good quality?  

Regal Boats is a reputable brand that has won the J.D. Power and Associates Award for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Express Cruisers (24-33 feet)” three times over the last 20 years. They are well known for their patented FasTrac Hull, offering excellent speed ranges, while many also enjoy the smooth ride, comfort, luxury style and designs available in their 35+ models. 

Is Regal a good ocean boat? 

Yes, you can use your Regal boat for longer ocean cruises, however, be aware that it’s recommended to cross an ocean with a minimum yacht of 40ft or more in order to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride. Should you wish to test the waters, many enjoy the small crossing from Florida to the Bahamas to see how their boat fares in rougher ocean waters, without worrying about being on board for weeks at a time. 

Check out YATCO’s Ocean Going Yacht Guide here. 

Do Regal boats have wood in them?  

While Regal boats are mainly composed of fiberglass and composite, they do have some elements of wood throughout. 

What boat is better Regal or Cobalt?  

Regal and Cobalt are usually on par with each other in terms of model, sizes, and price points. However, Regal boat models are usually built for speed and performance over cruising so if you have a need for speed, Regal is a great option for you. 

How much are Regal boats?  

When looking at Regal boats for sale or comparing Regal boat prices, you’ll want to be mindful of a few things: 

  1. Length 
  2. Age 
  3. Model 

As with any yacht for sale, entry level, older models will usually cost much less than a brand new, larger model. As an example, you can find Regal boats for sale on YATCO starting at $20,000, to those priced closer to $1 million. 

How much are new Regal boats? 

With such a wide range of models, sizes and styles, a brand-new Regal boat can come with many different price tags. While many brand-new Regal boats for sale have a “price on application” we can share that the 44ft, 2022 Regal cruising yacht, YES DEAR, is currently for sale on YATCO for $849,900. 

What is the life cycle of a Regal marine boat?  

Most people will keep their Regal boat for around five years. Many yacht owners may feel the need to trade in their yacht model for a larger or smaller size (depending on their stage in life) or want to move on to a different style of yacht. However, as Regal Marine Industries has been building boats since 1969, they have built up a reputation for their excellent craftsmanship and well-built boats. 

How many different Regal models are manufactured at the Regal Marine Shipyard? 

Regal Marine currently has 37 models made and manufactured at their Regal Marine shipyard: 

Sterndrive Bowrider Series

  • 2000 ES 
  • LS2 
  • LS4 
  • LS6 
  • LS9 
  • 2800 
  • 3300 
  • LS36 

Outboard Bowrider Series

  • 21 OBX 
  • LX2  
  • LX4 
  • LX6 
  • 29 OBX 
  • 33 OBX 
  • LX36 

Surf Series

  • LS2 Surf 
  • LS4 Surf 
  • LS6 Surf 
  • LS9 Surf 

SAV Series

  • 33 SAV 
  • 38 SAV 

Express Cruiser Series

  • LS4C 
  • 26 Express 
  • 26 XO 
  • 28 Express 
  • 33 Express 
  • 33 XO 

Yacht Series

  • 36 XO 
  • 36 Grande Coupe 
  • 38 Grande Coupe 
  • 38 XO 
  • 38 FXO 
  • 38 Fly 
  • 42 Fly 
  • 42 FXO 
  • 42 Grande Coupe 
  • 42 XO 

Regal boat models are a fantastic option for those looking for fast, reliable fiberglass boats. Whether you’re looking at smaller sterndrive bowriders for day trips, or a longer journey onboard one of the Regal Yacht series, you can be sure you’re buying a reputable American boat brand. Start your search for your next Regal Boat here. 

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