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Regal Boats History

Regal Marine Industries was founded in 1969 by Paul and Carol Kuck, who envisioned setting a new standard in luxury boating, one that embodies the true meaning of a family business. They succeeded in creating such a company, as it is still run by their children, Duane, Tim, and Pam. The company’s first boats were a 17ft 5m) tri-hull, a 14ft 4.2m) ski boat, and a 21ft (6.4m) cuddy. Today, the company manufactures their Sterndrive Bowriders, the Outboard Bowrider, Surf boats, center consoles, its Express Cruisers, as well as sport yachts. Scroll below to search our boat MLS listings from Regal Boats.

Orlando, FL

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Regal Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
2700 Bowrider 2007-2015 28.5ft 8.5ft 3ft
28 Express 2012-2020 28.83ft 8.5ft 2.16ft
2800 Bowrider 2015-2020 28.33ft 9ft 3.66ft
2860 Window Express 2006-2011 29.41ft 9.5ft 2.16ft
30 Express 2012-2016 29.41ft 9.5ft 2.16ft
3060 Window Express 2004-2011 30.83ft 10.5ft 3.16ft
3200 Bowrider 2013-2017 32.16ft 10.33ft 2.91ft
32-33 Express 2014-2020 32ft 10.33ft 3.41ft
33 Express 2018-2020 33.91ft 10.33ft 2.08ft
3350 Sport Cruiser 2006-2007 34.66ft 11.33ft 2.91ft
3360 Window Express 2006-2010 34.66ft 11.33ft 2.91ft
35 Sport Coupe 2012-2020 36.83ft 11.33ft 3.41ft
38 Grande Coupe 2019-2020 38.75ft 11.91ft 3.66ft
42 Grande Coupe 2017-2020 42ft 13ft 3.5ft
42 Sport Coupe 2011-2017 42.33ft 13ft 3.41ft
44-46 Sport Coupe 2010-2017 46ft 14ft 4.16ft
52 Sport Coupe 2008-2013 53ft 15.33ft 3.83ft
53 Sport Coupe 2014-2018 53ft 15.33ft 3.83ft

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