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SeaKeepers Releases Yacht Donation Program and Webinar Event

The International SeaKeepers Society, in an effort to continually foster and grow their mission to “promote oceanographic research, conservation and education through direct involvement with the yachting community,” has released details about their latest educational webinar.  Thursday, October 5th at 1 PM EST/10 AM PDT, join Steve Rizzone, Dick Seidenspinner, Michael T. Moore & Tony […]

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Five Engine Veterans in Yachting

Below are five of the most popular yacht engine manufacturers that have been literally making yachting move forward. When talking about inboards, there are a few brands which come straight to mind – CAT, MAN, MTU, Volvo and Cummins. Here below you can find more information about these so broadly used brands which have created […]

Five Shipwrecks of the Wars

The ocean has always been a mystery on Earth. It offers incredible sceneries for those who dare to dive deep and discover the underwater world. Some of the most popular diving locations are where ships have been sunken and have created a magical new world in the ocean debris. There are different reasons for the […]

Yachting in the Era of Social Distancing

As the world gets used to the age of social distancing, the yachting industry is working to find new ways of adapting. From launching virtual boat tours to restructuring the future of yacht charters, industry leaders are focusing on safety and social distancing.

Eco-Friendly Yachting

What we should think of when we talk about eco-friendly in relation to the marine industry? There are a variety of things which are changing in the design of yachts and their building process.

Crossing the Atlantic in a Superyacht

Crossing the Atlantic has been an adventure of a lifetime for centuries. Starting in the 15th century with Cristopher Columbus, the idea is still appealing for all those sailing aficionados, Superyacht owners, and ship lovers. Of course, this grand trip has become more achievable nowadays.

Volvo IPS System versus Cummins Zeus System

In this article we will compare the two popular pod drive systems – Volvo IPS and Cummins Zeus. But first, what is a Pod Drive? What Is A Pod Drive? The Pod Drive was introduced in 2006. Since then the pod drive has been considered as one of the most successful propulsion systems at all […]

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