Eco-Friendly Yachting

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What we should think of when we talk about eco-friendly in relation to the marine industry? There are a variety of things which are changing in the design of yachts and their building process.

The first thing is the hull shape. Aerodynamic designs are environmentally friendly. Due to the decreased water-hull friction, fuel consumption decreases, reducing the exhaust released in and outside the water. Narrower hulls not only decrease fuel consumption, but they also reflect to lower levels of noise contamination. The propulsion system is another point to consider. Less dragging results to less fuel consumption. A great solution for fuel burn which releases harmful carbon is the Yacht Carbon Offset which doesn’t increase cost to reflect to dramatic yacht expenses, but has a good impact on the environment. Carbon Offsetting provides a balance to the emissions that inevitably arise when using your yacht at high speeds leading to more carbon emissions.

Another important step, yacht manufacturers can take is following the Montreal Protocol from 1989 which is an international agreement for usage of fewer products for heating, air-conditioning and fire-fighting damaging the ozone. The number of builders integrating solar panels to the yachts for production of energy is increasing.

A consumer who wants to protect the environment should look for alternatives to a teak deck, because hundreds of teak trees are being cut in order to cover the decks of a single yacht. Substituting real teak with an alternative eco-friendly material would have a tremendous impact on the conservation of our forests.

And not only the construction and usage of the yacht is important in the process of saving our planet. Waste products and our attitude is a key to protect our oceans. Simply, using greater number of recyclable products and not throwing away garbage overboard would result in a cleaner environment. Building your yacht and maintaining her following international standards for “green planet” can be the first steps to a brighter future.

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