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Company History

Founded and built by sailboat builder Freedom Yachts of Portsmouth Rhode Island, the Legacy brand of motor yachts has developed a multitude of boat aficionados throughout North America. The motor yachts of the Legacy brand include the Legacy 32, the Legacy 36, and the Legacy 42. The first Legacy powerboats were launched in the ‘90s to the designs of Mark Ellis, who created traditional styling with hull designs that offer excellent sea keeping abilities, superb handling, and low speed planing for superior fuel efficiency. The brand’s engineers have perfected the use of advanced composite lamination technology combined with the best components and engines that the industry has to offer. The yard’s elegant woodwork truly stands out, creating warm, stunning interiors that are built to last.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Freedom Yachts of Portsmouth Rhode Island
  • Type: Motor yachts, powerboats
  • Model: Legacy 12, Classic Models: Legacy 32, Legacy 36, Legacy 42



Portsmouth, Rhode Island