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Founded in 1928 by Frank Pembroke Huckins, the famed shipyard began building its bespoke yachts at its yard in Jacksonville, Florida. Frank Pembroke Huckins was ahead of his time when he invented the Huckins Quadraconic boat hull, that reduced pounding at cruising speeds and made the ride all the more comfortable and smooth. This skyrocketed the company to success and helped establish it as a reliable shipyard that launched beautiful yachts that performed even better. Search for Huckins Yachts for sale below by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Established in 1928, Huckins Yacht Corporation, a family business began building custom yachts at its shipyard in Jacksonville, Florida.

At the time, Frank Pembroke Huckins invented the first tried and true planning hulls called the Huckins Quadraconic boat hull.

“The popular Quadraconic hull principle explained by Yachting Magazine expresses that, “four hollow shapes following semi-conical radii work together to create a hydrodynamic shape in forward hull sections.” Therefore, the Quadraconic hull reduces pounding at cruising speeds making the ride a lot more comfortable.”

This was a true breakthrough in boating and made the Huckins yacht a lot more desirable than some other in the same class at the time.

Later that same year, the company sold its first custom boat to David M. Goodrich of the Goodrich Rubber Company.

Delivering Boats to the Navy During WWII

The family business of Huckins Yachts also built 18 PT boats for the Navy during WWII. It is understood that a family business will care for its customers more closely than other businesses, and this is what has led Huckins to such success. 

From Sportfish to Green Yachts

By 1946, the yard moved to its current location on the Ortega river, and by 1960, they began sheathing their hulls with fiberglass, and later applying resin to the interiors, which is now known as the cold-molded method of yacht building.

By 1969, the yard launched the largest sportfish yacht at the time, an 80-footer, and six years later, launched the largest motor yacht in the US with a fiberglass cored hull.

“Huckins launched a lot of “firsts”, including the largest outboard cruising yacht of its time at 50 feet, which was a sport yacht powered by 4 outboard engines and capable of reaching 38mph.”

In 1996, Huckins built the largest yacht in America powered by Arneson surface-piercing propellers and later that year, brought back the elegant yacht design of the ‘50s, and presently, the yard has introduced a new vintage-looking green yacht called the Sportsman 36 with hybrid power connected to efficient pod drives.

“These modern propulsion systems are what sets the company apart from others. They offer fuel efficiency, and run smoothly.”

Fiberglass Composite Boat Building

Huckins Yachts has been utilizing fiberglass composite core construction for over 40 years, and was one of the first builders to initially do so. They were pioneers in fiberglass composite construction, and paved the way for many others to do so afterward.  Fiberglass composite construction took over wooden boat building, and made for much lighter yachts, which helps reduce drag and increase speed.

Huckins Propulsion Systems

Other propulsion systems used by Huckins-built boats include inboard and outboard engines. Celebrated for their classic-style motor yachts, downeast-style vessels, express cruisers and flybridge models, they generally have wider beams and deeper drafts which make them ideal for recreational boating.

Each yacht is powered with a propulsion system that offers the ultimate in fuel efficiency and offers an overall smooth ride. 

“The classic elegance of the express cruisers built by Huckins, along with their other motor yachts, conveys the timeless design with which they are built. These yachts will last, not only physically, but their designs will stand the test of time, as they are traditional motifs that will never die out.”

That is why used Huckins express cruisers and downeast style boats are so popular. These boats for sale are available here on YATCO, and await your curiosity. 

Huckins Yachts for Sale: Working with Yacht Brokers

Huckins boats for sale are available all over the world and are best found with the help of a yacht broker. Yacht brokers are experienced in finding you the Huckins yacht of your dreams. Since boats for sale are sometimes privately listed, yacht brokers will access to other brokers who may have a seller that is willing to part with their boat. As mentioned, yachts listed are not always public. Especially coveted boats such as Huckins. Huckins boats are highly appreciated all around the world for their classic sophistication, fuel efficiency, and intricate design.

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