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Company History

Made in the United States, Halter Marine constructs superyachts up to 63 meters, and designs and builds a variety of ocean-going motor yachts including patrol boats, recovery vessels, oil cargo vessels, ferries, logistic support boast and survey vessels.

Notable yachts built by the shipyard include SuRi, Pangaea Ocean Explorer, Quattroelle Shadow, and Callisto. The company was founded in 1956 in New Orleans by Harold Halter and Jimmy Dubuisson when they built a 26-foot pleasure boat in Halter’s backyard. Over 20 years later, they were successfully responsible for 49% of the world’s production of supply vessels, crew boats and others and had expanded the shipyard to four states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. At the height of the company, it employed over 4,000 people, but when the offshore oil industry bottomed out, the company was forced to sell to Trinity Industries in 1983. The company name was resurrected in 1996 when Trinity Marine Group was spun off Trinity Industries. In 2003, the assets of Halter Marine Inc. were sold to Singapore Technologies Engineering and it became VT Halter Marine Inc and was awarded with defense and commercial contracts.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: Up to 63 meters
  • Type: Ocean going superyachts, motor yachts



New Orleans, Louisiana