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Company History

Built in Veerdam, The Netherlands, Elling yachts introduced its first Elling E3 model – designed by the renowned Frank Mulder – at the end of 1997. Constructing high quality motor yachts that are meant to cover all types of life at sea from circum-navigation to island-hopping, Elling yachts are high performance luxury trawlers that are built to last.

Each yacht – the Eling E3, E4, and E6, is built by parent company Neptune Marine Shipbuilding BV, which was founded in 1972 by Martin de Kok specializing in workboat construction in steel. Boats included the Eurocarrier multipurpose workboat, tugboats, barges, and more, including a variety of marine equipment.

Shipyard Stats

  • Type: High-performance luxury motor yachts, trawlers



Veerdam, The Netherlands