What Boat Should I Buy?

To answer this question, you must first ask yourself what are your plans with the boat. What will be the primary use of the boat, deep-sea fishing? The type of boat you buy needs to suit your needs. How many people will be boating with you? Do you plan to sleep onboard? These questions will define the capacity and space you want the boat to have. Finally, how are you storing your boat? Are you trailing it? Does it need to fit in a garage? Choosing the right type of boat to buy requires time for you to decide what you want out of the vessel. It may be smart to take a ride on your friend’s boat or charter a yacht so you can better understand the features you want on your boat. Read our checklist for buying a yacht or boat here.


Buying A Yacht Checklist

#1 Should I Talk to a Yacht Broker Before Buying a Boat?

Yes! Hiring a yacht broker is the best decision you can make before buying a boat. They will help you save time and stress less by walking you through the entire process. Yacht brokers know the market very well and can advise you on current trends, boat pricing, maintenance costs, vessel features, legal documents, financing, and much more. Your yacht broker will protect your best interests, arrange for sea trials, and answer any questions you may have about the boat. Choosing the right yacht broker is easy with YATCO. We only work with the best professionals in the industry, who have trusted YATCO for over 20 years to list their yachts and boats for sale. To search for a yacht broker, please click here on our Broker Finder

#2 Should I Buy or Charter a Boat First?

The answer to this question depends on the type of boat you plan to buy. Are you on the market for a small weekend cruiser, or a 7-8 meter fishing boat, or a yacht of 20-meters in length or above? If you are looking for a powerboat, it makes sense to buy it and use it right away as soon as you and your yacht broker are ready, but we do recommend taking it for a sea trial prior to the purchase. However, if you are looking for a large yacht, you should consider chartering a similar vessel first so you can have a better feel for it, including its features, cruising speed, and much more. Read our article on Buying vs. Chartering a Yacht.

#3 How Does YATCO Differ Than Other Listing Services?

YATCO is The Official MLS of the Yachting Industry™ with over 20 years in the yachts for sale market. Our technology was designed to serve the needs of both the yacht buyer and the professional yacht broker. We maintain the highest standards in the industry by having central listings only, ensuring the interests of both the buyer and seller are protected. Our professional members also adhere to a strict code of rules and ethics, and, unlike other online marketplaces within the yachting industry, boat buyers will only find valid listings.

#4 How Do I Become a Member?

YATCO offers boat buyers an exclusive membership program with two available options – Standard and VIP. The Standard membership is for the occasional buyer who wants to search boats that are available for sale. The VIP membership unlocks all the power of our YATCO system, allowing for saved boat searches, automatic alerts of specified yachts of interest, access to the top boat shows each year, and much more. Professional broker membership is limited to qualified professionals only and allows the uploading and management of listings, along with tailored reports, industry trends, and yacht ownership databases.

#5 Why Should I Use YATCO?

YATCO is The Official MLS of the Yachting Industry™ with over 20 years in the yachts for sale market. Buyers and brokers alike can quickly search for yachts, boats, and sailboats for sale, virtually anywhere in the world. Our site contains thousands of boats for sale and is the site of choice for the world’s best performing yacht brokers. Boat buyers will only find valid listings.

#6 Does YATCO Publish Open Listings?

No. YATCO only publishes Central Listings. YATCO’s mission is to protect the interests of both the buyer, seller, and the professional broker. By only publishing Central Listings, YATCO maintains both price integrity and the trusted relationship between seller, buyer, and broker.

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