Women in Yachting – An Interview Series Part 10: Daria Tomassetti, Yacht Broker at Daria Tomassetti

Daria Tomassetti, Yacht Broker at Daria Tomassetti

Year after year, women in yachting have taken a larger and more significant role in the industry. They are emerging as powerful, effective, and efficient – as much as men in yachting, and have gone beyond the role of charter broker. Here, YATCO takes the time to get to know some of these women – whether they are yacht sales brokers, shipyard coordinators or marketing masters. Here, you can get to know Daria Tomassetti, a yacht broker at her own company, Daria Tomassetti.

Featuring Daria Tomassetti, Yacht Broker at Daria Tomassetti

What drew you to the yachting world?

It was by chance, it was fate. It has been my life’s mission and I really love it, but during difficult times I thought about changing jobs. However, during those times, clients kept reaching out to me to sell and buy boats and their trust in my abilities is what kept me going.

How did you get your start in yachting?

At the time (1998), I was selling advertising space on websites, and one of my clients happened to be the owner of a shipyard. He convinced me that selling yachts was the job for me and a year later I took the exam to became an authorized yacht broker.

When I started out I was obsessed about reading yachting magazines and learning as much as I could about boats – I used to spend plenty of time on dry berthing boats just to observe the layout and the technical details.

Even though a lot of my colleagues were men, I got used to the environment and found my way in the field. Personality-wise my interests align with those of my clients, I have a passion for cars, watches, and sports which really help me connect with my clients. I have been an independent yacht broker for a long time but now my ambition is to work in a commercial company or a for yacht builder.

Who are some influential people in your life that you look up to?

One of my mentors is Paolo Vitelli and I look up to him both professionally and personally. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of getting to know him. Another one is Beniamino Gavio, whom I got to know when he bought Baglietto Shipyard which turned out to be an enormous success.

“Aside from intelligence and competence Mr. Vitelli and Mr. Gavio stood out for their humility, which I think has been the base for their long-standing success.

What are some challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

One of my greatest achievements being an independent broker is dealing with all the aspects of the sale – advertising, legal etc. – while usually these are handled by different people.

This is one of the reasons working in a commercial setting is my next goal.

I believe that whatever the problem, there is always a solution, we just often can’t see it and I also believe that everyone has the strength to face the challenges that manifest in their lives.

What are you currently working on and how do you stay inspired?

I am particularly focused on the resale of a 30-meter triple deck which I sold on project. This is inspiring because I followed this yacht from the moment it was just a concept on paper to the construction and the launch: I am sure this yacht will make a new happy owner.

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