What Is a Foreign Trade Zone and Why Is It So Important to Yacht Brokers?

Yacht Haven Grande Miami, foreign trade zone for yacht brokers

What Is a Foreign Trade Zone?

In yachting, a foreign trade zone is a designated area – typically a marina – whereby yacht brokers and potential owners can conduct business in the sale of foreign-flagged yachts and be shielded from duties and taxes by US Customs.

US Foreign Trade Zone

Yacht Haven Grande – Miami is now a foreign trade zone. The superyacht marina is a place where yacht brokers can feel free to conduct the business of selling yachts with the alleviation of duties and taxes on foreign vessels that come into the United States.

Foreign Trade Zone Benefits

Vessels that were once off-limits to prospective US buyers are now available to be viewed within the FTZ. In turn, this will attract both new and experienced yacht owners, as there are less deterrents in the purchase of such vessels.

Attracting More Yacht Buyers to Miami

Yacht brokers and brokerages can feel free to put forth further marketing efforts in bringing in these vessels into Miami, and as a result, attract more and more buyers to the area.

Yacht Haven Grande

The first of its kind to come to Miami/Dade County, Yacht Haven Grande – Miami offers more than just dockage for these luxury vessels. The marina boasts a stunning event space, a VIP marina lounge in which brokers, captains, and owners can privately meet, as well as a slew of other amenities for crew.

“This will be the closest thing to a global marketplace for superyacht sales,” says Gili Wojnowich, IGY Regional Director. It’s the perfect one-stop sales zone. “At Yacht Haven Grande-Miami, we can accommodate some of the world’s largest yachts for sale with a capacity for berthing up to 550 ft (167m). Miami has always been a prime destination, the ultimate destination to see and be seen, and we are proud to offer a luxe and exclusive venue to showcase the most alluring superyachts on the market. The atmosphere will be akin to a rolling mini-Miami yacht show and we are very excited about adding this new offering to our current upscale services. IGY looks forward to the prospect of welcoming sales brokers, owners and buyers from all over the world to our wonderful facility.”

Yacht brokers are welcome and encouraged to spend time at the marina to freely conduct their business while enjoying the amenities that YHG – Miami has on offer. For more information, contact the marina at 786.432.2900 or email YHGMiami@IGYMarinas.com.

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