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What is an Offshore Yacht?

An offshore yacht is a vessel that’s built solidly to withstand the rigors of longer passages on the ocean. While you may not be crossing an ocean – although you could – your time at sea is better served with a vessel that’s rugged and can handle heavy weather and rough seas. It should have a hull, superstructure, and rigging (if a sailing yacht) built to withstand the harsher offshore elements, plus reliable mechanical, piloting, and navigational systems. Systems redundancy is also a positive, with a full complement of safety gear. Since you may spend lots of time on board during your sailing trips, an offshore vessel should offer all the amenities that would keep you comfortable on board, plus enough tankage for water, fuel, and provisions. Some sportfishing vessels also venture far offshore for fishing, and some expedition motor yachts meet the offshore yacht definition as well.

What Are Offshore Yacht Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

An offshore yacht can be built in various materials, including fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and composites. If you’re considering an offshore sailing yacht, some recommend a heavy, full-displacement hull with various keel options, including full keels, lifting keels, wing keels, or fin keels. While the nod goes to the full keels, there are more “non-traditional” offshore vessels that have safely made long voyages, so it’s best to research all prospects to find the best fit for your needs. For those sportfishers going offshore, there are displacement, semi-displacement hulls, which offer a stable ride for longer distances, but with faster speeds, and planing hulls. Offshore motor yachts could also encompass certain superyachts that fit the criteria.

Why Should You Buy an Offshore Yacht?

You should buy an offshore yacht if the thought of heading out on the water and leaving land behind is all that gets you through the work week. You might feel passionate about sailing with plans to go cruising, in which case, an offshore sailing yacht would provide the best solution – with a comfortable interior for longer passages and extra durability in the typical build, you can be both safe and comfortable at sea. An offshore sailing yacht may not be the fastest option, but it could be suitable if you’re taking your time to travel and see the world. If you’re drawn more toward motor vessels, you could find a trawler to suit your needs or if you’re an offshore fisherman, you couldn’t ask for a better option for your needs than the sportfisher with its many arrangements and builds.

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