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These single-masted sailboats have fore and aft rigging with two more headsails. Search new and used cutter boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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What are cutter boats, and what sets them apart from other boat types?

A cutter is a type of sailboat that is known for its single mast, and a minimum of two head sails. They are fast and stable sailboats, making them popular amongst both the cruising crowd, and the racing community.

What sizes of cutter boats are available?

Given the need for two head sails, most cutter sailboats will start around 25ft and go up from there. Cutter sailing yachts can be well over 100ft for those looking to upgrade their cutter into a larger sailing yacht.

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How much do the cutter boats cost?

While a slightly more unique type of sailboat, cutter boats are still abundant on both the new and brokerage market. As a result, you should be able to find the right cutter sailboat for your budget based on a few things:

  • Age of the cutter boat for sale
  • Condition – is it new or used?
  • Size and length
  • Accessories and add-ons – does the cutter sailboat come with extra sails and rigging?

What are the best cutter boats?

A few cutter boat brands stand out for their craftsmanship and seaworthiness. These include Beneteau and Island Packet Yachts.

Are cutter sailing boats suitable for single-handed sailing?

While a sloop sailboat is generally known as the best single-handed sailing rigging, cutter sailboats can also be a great option for those looking to sail solo. One thing to note is the size of the cutter boat — the larger the sailboat becomes, the harder it can be to sail alone. As a result, we recommend the largest cutter sailboat to sail solo to be around 45ft, but this will depend on your own experience and abilities.

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