SeaKeepers Releases Yacht Donation Program and Webinar Event

The International SeaKeepers Society, in an effort to continually foster and grow their mission to “promote oceanographic research, conservation and education through direct involvement with the yachting community,” has released details about their latest educational webinar. 

Thursday, October 5th at 1 PM EST/10 AM PDT, join Steve Rizzone, Dick Seidenspinner, Michael T. Moore & Tony Gilbert from The International SeaKeepers Society and guest speakers George Gallup, Norm LeBlanc and John Gaffney for a high-level introduction to the Yacht Donation Program. Topics to cover include “real cases where boats have lingered for long periods of time, are difficult to sell, or where the owner has a tax liability that may benefit from a donation to offset short-term income.” 

Attendees can expect to learn about:  

  • The yacht donation process and the benefits donors, end-users and brokers experience along the way. 
  • How donations go toward scientific expeditions, citizen science, educational outreach events, and community engagement. 
  • The importance of yacht appraisals, the steps to take and market versus replacement value. 
  • Tax, domestic and international considerations to take when partaking in yacht donations.  

Questions will be open during the discussion so please come prepared if you have anything you would like the speakers to address. All other questions and queries can be sent to:

International SeaKeeper Society Speaker Names and Details:  

  • Steve Rizzone, West Coast Director 
  • Dick Seidenspinner, Chief Fleet Operations 
  • Tony Gilbert, Chief Programs Officer 
  • Michael T. Moore, Chairman Emeritus & Maritime Attorney
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