Next Generation of Yachting – Part 19: Mickael Mauve, CSO Yachts

The next generation of yachting is fresh and has a lot to offer. Read more about Mickael Mauve, yacht sales broker of CSO Yachts, here.

Looking to the future of yachting, YATCO interviews several fresh faces in the industry to discover how they got their start, their career highlights so far, and what they predict for the future of the yacht market. 

This month, we are speaking with Mickael Mauve, who is a Yacht Sales Broker at CSO Yachts.

Featuring Mickael Mauve, Yacht Sales Broker of CSO Yachts

How did you get your start in yachting? 

I started my yachting career by words of mouth.

I was born and raised in Antibes and working at a beach club there when yacht crew would come in on the weekends to relax and have fun. Speaking with them, they guided me towards the steps and process to start working on yachts.

Of course, they talked about all the good sides and that appealed to me very quickly! When the season ended, and I realized my childhood dreams of playing professional basketball might not pan out, I started the qualification and training process and two months later, I started cleaning the engine room for a week on the 110m (360.8ft) M/Y AL RAYA (formerly DILBAR). Dock walking and handing out my CV to every captain and chief officer in the South of France, I got my first deckhand job on a 60m (196.8ft) CRN (formerly MIMTEE).

From there on, I continued my training until I passed the Officer of the Watch 3000 and worked on motor yachts from 50m to 90m (165ft to 295ft). Six Atlantic crossings and thousands of miles at sea later, I’ve now decided to guide yacht buyers and sellers on the best solutions for them and handling the sales and purchase sides with them.  

As a younger professional in the industry, what trends have you seen, and what do you predict for the coming years? 

One of the biggest trends that I’ve seen is the appeal from superyacht owners to visit more off the beaten track destinations.

Of course, places like Monaco, St. Tropez, Cannes and St. Barths are still in their agenda, but lots of them are getting educated about the amazing places their yachts can take them – Cuba, Greece, Turkey, Galapagos, Mexico, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Kitts etc.

I think the future will just continue with owners discovering new places to sail to and anchor off secluded places in not-so-far destinations north or south.

What kinds of challenges have you faced in yachting, and how have you overcome them? 

Dealing with different port and flag state authorities is a constant challenge. Every country has its own jurisdiction and whether it is for sale, charters, crew embarkation or contract, there are always changing and different from one country to another.

I find it difficult to keep up with the new regulations on a yearly basis at least. So, having a great network of professionals working alongside me, frees up a huge amount of time to focus on my duty which is finding the clients their favorite yacht! 

What are some of your most memorable and successful moments? 

I would say my “first” moments are some of the most memorable. As for all in life, first time is always memorable.

So, my first interview with a captain, my first Atlantic crossing, my first sale. Also, when I got to celebrate New Year’s Eve in St. Lucia in one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the Caribbean I’ve been, with the owners of the yacht. Fireworks, champagne and all was included! It was great fun! 

My most successful moment was when I found my girlfriend after that party! 

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the yacht world? 

Just go for it! You have nothing to lose! Do a season to see what is like and if it isn’t for you, just leave at the end of your contract.

But always be respectful to everybody and anybody in the industry. It is small — everybody knows each other, and a bad reputation will follow you, such as a great reputation will follow you too! 

This place of work is amazing. There is nothing quite like yachting.  

What do you aspire to for the future?   

To be serving clients better than ever.

If they’d like to purchase, sell, manage, talk about yachting in general…I aspire to give the best service possible to anybody that contacts me, as I did as a crewmember, and to go above people’s expectations.  

Instagram: @mickael.mauve  
LinkedIn: @mickael-mauve  
Youtube: @mickael_mauve  

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