The Best and Worst Time to Sell Your Boat

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When it comes to selling their boat, people might get emotional and list it impulsively. Sometimes impulsivity might get us great results since we might come across a great opportunity. They say there is a right time for everything. Is this the case with listing your boat on the market? The answer varies.

Is There An Ideal Time to Sell Your Boat?

There is probably no right time for an extraordinary yacht that stands out from the rest on the market. She would always be either too hard or easy to sell no matter the time of the year. However, if your yacht is one of the popular brands on the market, the time of putting her for sale depends on at least two factors – location and time of the year.

#1 A great location depends on the season.

In general, data shows that the best time to put your yacht on the market is spring or early summer, specifically between February and June. If you live in Australia, however, this spring period will be between August and December.

#2 Spring time is good for yacht sales.

Because everybody starts thinking of the summer days and how great it would be to have a boat. Also, the demand in this period is higher than the number of vessels offered on the market.

#3 There is a lack of second-hand boats.

Due to the economic crisis a few years ago, there is a lack of second-hand boats. If you are an owner of a mid-size boat in good condition, the chances to sell her quickly are high in the spring. But don’t forget that no matter the excellent quality you offer, an over-prized yacht would take longer to sell.

#4 Be realistic and save time by announcing a fair price for the boat.

This trend is mainly observed in the regions where there are seasons, such as the Mediterranean or Northern Europe, New York State, and Maine. In regions such as Florida in the USA and Queensland in Australia, the demand for yachts is constant throughout the year.

#5 Summertime

In the Northern Hemisphere, July and August are considered the worst time for yacht sales. Before summer, people looking for a yacht have either already bought one, changed their minds and decided to just charter during their vacation, or decided not to buy at all. Wanting to buy a yacht might be very impulsive, provoked by a beautiful boat experience on a friends’ yacht, for instance, but this desire might go away quickly. Summertime is also when most people look to enjoy their vacation time and holidays. The hassle of buying a yacht stays in the background.

#6 Selling a yacht right after the season.

Another reasonable period to sell your yacht might be straight after the season. This will be the right time for you if you have to think of a shelter for the winter or move her to a warmer region to pass the cold days.

#7 Think about decreasing the price of your yacht.

However, as a yacht seller, you might have to decrease the price you wanted to ask for. Calculate your costs for keeping her for a few months of winter, and remember that she will be one year older during the next good sales season.

The period after the summer season in regions like the Med might be an excellent opportunity to sell to an Australian customer looking for a yacht for their summer season. Although in words sounds logical, consider the shipping costs to further destinations. If you price your yacht too high, you will probably have to wait for the spring to make a deal.

As you can see, there are many “if-s” when it comes to the right time to sell a yacht. After all, if you offer a good deal and a nice boat, you will probably find a boat buyer any time of the year.

  • We talk about the right time for everything, but it will happen anyhow and anytime if it is meant to be.
  • We do have to consider the conditions when wanting to sell, but let’s not forget that the buyer is also as impulsive as the seller and might be just there waiting for your yacht for sale.

Contact one of the many professionals and YATCO members who are available to help you sell. Happy boating!

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