Five Ways to Bring Nature Closer to You Onboard

Being on a sailing yacht or motor yacht itself is already an experience that brings you closer to nature. However, not all yacht designs are so open and welcoming to the natural surroundings. Here are five ideas that could bring nature closer to you when you are onboard. If you are having a new yacht getting built or planning a refit, think of these few changes that might make a huge difference.

Five Ideas That Bring Nature Closer to You When You Are Onboard

#1 Create A More Open Design

When choosing a yacht, look for one with large windows, a more open design that would let the sunlight come inside. However, take into account that strong sunlight and constant sun exposure could make fabrics and wood lose color. Despite this, you would rarely have the sun shining straight inside if it is not sunset or sunrise when it is not that burning hot, so you should not be afraid of getting those big windows.

#2 Glass Walls or Glass Floors

If you want to create that magical atmosphere of being surrounded by sea creatures and see the amazing underwater sceneries, maybe you should consider glass walls or floors under the waterline. Many would consider it dangerous, but if the right materials and areas are chosen, this could create a fairy-tale experience. Let the underwater magic show up inside, or at least close enough without sinking the vessel.

#3 Beach Club Onboard

Choose a yacht that has a beach club. Lounges have become very popular in recent years, meaning it will not be hard to find a vessel in such an area. The beach club onboard is an area located on the water level and allows you to get closer to the sea and make the swimming easier, hear the splash next to you while chilling on the chair at the beach club.

#4 Get A Sea Bob

These water toys are merely great! Swimming is fantastic, but getting an underwater swim with a Sea Bob is fun, and it lets you discover larger areas! It is like becoming a dolphin for some time!

#5 Grow Your Herbs!

This is a great way to bring nature inside the yacht. There is not much space needed or big pots. Growing your herbs guarantees the freshness of the product, a pleasant and relaxing smell, beautiful decoration for the kitchen, and delicious dishes! And don’t forget the mint for those who wanted mojitos!

Here are just a few ideas that would make your yachting experience more “natural.” Don’t forget to spend more time on the open deck and watch the ocean waves – a proven method for relaxation! Escape from the stress!

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