Let’s Go Sailing: Six Items You Shouldn’t Leave At Home

There is always a first time for the adventures our world offers. And there are still a few items we should always carry with us when going for those adventures. Let’s go sailing!

Here Are Your Most Essential Six Items When You Go Sailing

#1 Sunscreen Lotion

No matter whether you are sailing in summer or winter, the sun is always up. Although you don’t necessarily feel its warmth during the winter, the UV rays can still damage your skin. Don’t forget to put sunscreen lotion on your face. It will not only protect you from the harmful effects of the sun, but it will also protect your skin from the wind.

#2 Lip Balm

Rich moisturizing lip balm is essential when going sailing. Wind and sun could quickly dry your lips where the skin is very gentle. Put a rich lip balm to avoid lip cracks, which could not even let you smile!

#3 Windbreaker

You might not need it during the hot sailing days, but nights always get a bit chilly. If you plan to spend more time on the open deck, ensure your comfort by getting a windbreaker jacket. The windbreaker jacket does not take much space; it is lightweight and will protect you from the wind and keep you warm. You would not regret taking it with you on board.

#4 Sunhat

Protect your head and do not get misled by the wind. During the summer days, the sun is powerful. While sailing, we can’t feel it because of the wind, but if our head is not covered, you might get overheated without even realizing it. In colder climates, be sure you get a hat that will protect your ears. Ear nerves are sensitive and can easily get damaged by the wind and cold. Don’t ruin your sailing adventure by acting as a strong Viking. Cover your head and protect it from overheating or cold.

#5 Sunglasses

They are an accessory many people wear for fashion. However, when going sailing, make sure you wear sunglasses with the right protection level for your eyes. Don’t forget that you will spend many hours outside. Water reflects part of the rays, which could harm your vision. Get a good pair of sunglasses, and don’t be afraid of the fisherman’s face tan. After all, if you put high-protection sunscreen lotion on your face, you can avoid that.

#6 Deck Shoes

Last but not least are the comfortable deck shoes which would protect your feet from the heated floor, from slipping when surfaces are wet and of course deck shoes will protect the teak from damage. Ladies, forget about the high-heels. They can only damage the teak and are quite dangerous to wear for you – don’t forget that the vessel moves, and you could easily twist your ankle if you wear heels.

These are the top six items we believe you should always have with you when sailing. Of course, comfortable clothes are still a plus, but this is all about personal choices. We hope we have been helpful and that you will enjoy a fantastic sailing adventure!

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