How Much Does Yachting Cost? 

The cost of yachting includes a wide variety of factors. As with many luxury industries, the appeal of owning a yacht or a boat is due to its exclusivity. Yacht and boat owners pay vast sums of money for privacy, incredible yacht design, and pedigree boats to sail around the world. The price of yachts, the salaries for the crew, and the value of boats are always changing.  

Yacht Price FAQ

#1 How much does a yacht cost? 

The price of a yacht varies on many things. If the yacht is new, if it is built by a pedigree shipyard, has impressive features or an innovative design or is exceptionally large, it costs a lot more. The newest yachts currently for sale on YATCO start at $8 million US dollars. You can browse new and used yachts for sale here.  

#2 How much does a 50-foot yacht cost? 

Currently on, the price of a 50ft yacht starts at $200,000 US dollars.

#3 How much does a 100-foot yacht cost? 

Currently on YATCO, the average price of a 100ft yacht starts at $1 million US dollars. The price of yachts increases as the size of the vessels grows.  

#4 How much does it cost to fill up a yacht with fuel? 

The price of fuel can vary because of the market and whether the yacht is a private or a commercial vessel. Duty-free diesel is much less expensive, but it is subject to a lot of regulations. The price of fuel is also influenced by a country’s port taxes, which can vary from 1 cent per liter to 5 cents per liter. Learn more about yacht fuel here.

#5 How much does a yacht crew cost? 

Yacht crew is one of the most expensive parts of owning a vessel. If you have a large boat of over 100ft (30m), you will need experienced professionals to sail and maintain the yacht. The captain’s salary for a 100ft yacht is an average of $120 – $156,000. More junior crew, such as deckhands or chief stewardesses average between $45 – $55,000 on a 100ft yacht, and chefs often earn between $70 – $84,000. 

#6 How much does it cost to maintain a yacht? 

The amount it costs to maintain a yacht depends on the owner’s use of the vessel. However, the industry standard is that the cost of maintaining a yacht is typically 10% of its value, each year. If your yacht costs $100,000, you can expect the boat will cost you around $10,000 per year.  

#7 How much does it cost to charter a motor yacht? 

A yacht charter includes the yacht crew and the private use of the vessel, but it does not include food, fuel, and any other yacht destination taxes. The cost of a charter yacht can vary depending on the vessel, the time of year, and the charter itinerary. For a charter on a smaller motor yacht, guests can expect to pay upwards of $35,000 for a week.

Learn more about yacht charters here.

#8 How much does it cost to charter a sailing yacht? 

Sailing yachts are often smaller and have less crew on board, which means they may not cost as much as a motor yacht. The joy of a sailing yacht is that it does not need as much fuel as a motor yacht, so the running costs can be much less.  

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