Homeschooling On Board Your Yacht

kids on a sailboat, Homeschooling On Board Your Yacht

Homeschooling children has always been a possibility for parents. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed how we view working and schooling remotely. For many yacht and boat owners, it also highlighted the opportunity to travel the world while still giving their children an excellent education. Here are five tips if you’re thinking of homeschooling your children on a boat.

Five Key Points to Make Homeschooling On Board Your Yacht Successful and Enjoyable, For You and Your Kids

#1 Hire a tutor 

If the yacht is big enough to accommodate a professional tutor, having a trained teacher on board for your children can be an excellent way to guarantee a top-tier education while sailing the world. Although traditional yacht crew agencies don’t often work with teachers, there are specific companies such as Sea Tutors or Search Associates that can provide excellent connections for qualified individuals to join you and your children on board.  

#2 Draw on real-world experiences 

If you are traveling to many different countries, your children will learn more than they ever could from a textbook.

  • Take advantage of the different cultures you encounter and teach your children about the world from a first-hand perspective.
  • Set an assignment to understand the history, language, geography, and unique characteristics of each destination you visit.  

#3 Keep connected 

Many schools and academic institutions offer remote learning but keeping connected is vital.

  • Make sure your yacht has a strong internet connection to allow your children to speak to their friends and teachers – no matter where you are in the world.  

#4 Be flexible  

It may not always be possible to stick to a strict schedule of schooling on board and some studies have shown that homeschooled children learn much more in a shorter period of time. Be flexible with your children and, although it’s important to achieve all the relevant goals and examinations in time, there will be days that will not have six solid hours of school time. 

#5 Appreciate the opportunity 

Your children will never forget their time on board. Make sure to take a moment to appreciate the incredible opportunity of traveling on a yacht and learning lessons that will last a lifetime.  

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