Ferretti Group and Flexjet Announce Partnership

Ferretti Group and private jet charter company FlexJet announced their new partnership at the 2024 Venice Boat Show. In a joint press release, the companies shared this collaboration “aims to provide unparalleled luxury and exclusivity through a united philosophy: the constant pursuit of excellence in performance, design, and service.”

Featured Image Credit: Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, and Kenn Ricci, Chairperson of Flexjet, Courtesy of Flexjet

This partnership between two global hospitality industry leaders will enhance the travel experiences of Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI).

Jamie Gibson, luxury hospitality expert and founder of Flightess, comments “Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals are consistently seeking frictionless experiences. By creating a unified access and luxury offering, Ferretti Group and Flexjet demonstrate their deep understanding and anticipation of the needs of their clientele.”

As part of this collaboration, clients of Ferretti and Flexjet will receive exclusive rewards. Ferretti customers can enjoy benefits including special occasion access to Flexjet’s fleet of 300+ private jets and helicopters and the use of private terminals at several airports across the country. Flexjet subscribers will have the opportunity to tour Ferretti Group’s shipyards and will be granted VIP access to international boat shows.

Gibson continued, “This partnership between two luxury lifestyle powerhouses showcases their commitment to serving, anticipating, and exceeding the expectations of those they serve, ensuring that every journey, whether by sea or sky, is a seamless and extraordinary as possible.”

The crossover between the private aviation and yachting industries is significant due to the world-class service and exacting standards of training required in both fields.

Kenn Ricci, Chairperson of Flexjet, and Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group
Image Credit: Courtesy of Flexjet

Because of the niche skillsets acquired in the industries, the crossover between yacht and corporate aviation crew is not uncommon. YATCO’s own writing intern, Grace Dvornik, transitioned from her job as a yacht chef into a career as a corporate flight attendant after observing charter guests utilize the convenience of private jet transportation to travel to and from their luxury vacations in various yachting destinations. 

CEO of Ferretti Group Alberto Galassi has a background in the business aviation industry and acknowledged Flexjet as the best-suited partner for his company. Stated Galassi, “People who love cruising on Ferretti Group yachts expect standards of absolute excellence when they fly too, which is why I’m so pleased to associate our name with Flexjet, a partner that shares our same passion and desire to offer customers an increasingly rewarding experience.”

Kenn Ricci, Chairperson of Flexjet, and Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, signing partnership
Image Credit: Kenn Ricci, Chairperson of Flexjet, and Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, Courtesy of Ferretti Group

Kenn Ricci, Chairperson of Flexjet, elaborated, “This exciting partnership takes the decades-long expertise and luxury brand power from leaders in two complementary sectors and combines them to present today’s UHNWI audience with a set of exclusive and unique advantages.” Ricci acknowledged the two companies “share a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a truly exceptional luxury experience,” noting he is eagerly anticipating “how this significant strategic alliance can lift our offerings to even greater heights of excellence.” 

Ferretti Group is one of the top exhibitors at this year’s Venice Boat Show with 10 models on display. Their new Custom Line Navetta 38 and Pershing GTX 80 are both making their world debuts at the show. 

Visit YATCO’s Venice Boat Show event page for additional show information. 

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