Featured Superyacht – Ferretti DREAMCHASER Walkthrough & Video

Built by Ferretti Custom Line in 2001, 94ft DREAMCHASER is actively for sale with Denison Yachting.

Currently for sale with Will Noftsinger through Denison Yachting, DREAMCHASER is a 2001 94’ Ferretti Custom Line vessel that is the perfect luxury yacht to take you where you need to go. DREAMCHASER features expansive layouts, and many improvements following a 2018 refit. Read on or watch the walkthrough video with Will and Captain Addison now for more information.

Watch the 94 Ferretti Yacht Walkthrough [DREAM CHASER] video on YouTube.

Hey, what’s up guys, I’m Will Noftsinger with Denison Yachting, and today we’re here at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, trying to get this video done. It’s going to be a little bit loud, with some distractions in the background. I appreciate you bearing with us to check out this awesome 94-foot Custom Line. Built by Ferretti in 2001, really impressive condition, tons of upgrades, loved and cared for, with just two owners over the whole course of her life.  

This guy bought it about five years ago and did a ton of nice stuff to it including the aft deck master beach club. Looking forward to getting you guys on board and checking this thing out. Let’s get started.  

Beach Club

DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Beach Club
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Beach Club

This is very unique for a yacht like this. You’ve got a real beach club with a garage. You can put a jet ski, you can put a jet tender, great space. There are also some spare props in there and it leads us into the engine room and we’re going to head there next, we’re going to sit with Captain Addison and go over some of the specifics about this yacht because there is a lot that’s been done. 

Engine Room

DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Engine Room
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Engine Room

So, we’re just forward of Will from the beach club. And now we’re in the engine room. DREAMCATCHER is powered by a pair of MTU 16 V 2000 M 90 ones, 1,800 horsepower apiece, the Ford Motor has 2,560 hours and the starboard motor has 2,561 hours. The 2,000 hour service has been completed and we went way above and beyond on that, not just cleaning the injectors, we replaced all the injectors, we didn’t just clean the intercooler and the aftercooler, we replaced the intercooler and the aftercooler, we’ve also gone above and beyond on all the services outside of the engines. The generators themselves have been serviced, they’re up to date, the stabilizer service that’s been up to date. The balance turned thruster, they are hydraulic, and the services have been up to date. We also increase the air conditioner and air compressor capacity so we’re above what the standard is from any Ferretti Custom Line from this era. The boat tops out around 23 knots which is very impressive for a 94-foot boat, especially a boat from the early 2000s. In general, we cruise around nine to 12 knots that’s a slow cruise, mostly called a semi-displacement. It’s more fuel economy but it’s also more comfortable. A fast cruise would be something around 18 knots; at 18 knots our range is about 360 miles, when we slow it down nine to 11 knots we get over 700 miles of range. 

Aft Deck

DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Aft Dining
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Aft Dining

Step up to the aft deck of DREAMCHASER, and we’ve got the things you’d expect to find – a really nice teak table. This is where you’re going to do all your formal outdoor dining for the most part, it’s the largest exterior table. We’ve got our stairs up to the flybridge and some features that you wouldn’t expect to find, most notably a day head here.

Another really nice feature on board this aft deck is a stainless-steel line drink box, really conveniently located. We got our capstans and everything for docking located underneath these hatches. It’s nice to have those tucked away and not an eyesore. All the entertainment you could ever want – a nice flat screen TV, backdown station located just behind that. And then overhead, everything on this boat is LED and has been made smart so the captain has an app where you can shut the entire boat down at the push of a button.  



Cruise up to the bow, we’ve got our two hydraulic windlasses anchored to each side. Huge storage hatch, got a gap in there, initially it was designed so you could put a little stand-up jet skis back when this boat was built. But now it’s great for Seabob’s or anything else you got to use a Davin, so heavy items aren’t a problem. Our teak decks were replaced, and they were done at 16 millimeters so they’re super thick still. You’ve got plenty of life left. Let’s head back. 

We just talked about some details, so, check out those details. We’ve got carbon fiber hinges to replace the stainless-steel ones that were needing to be replaced, that is something you don’t find every day.  


DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Flybridge
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Flybridge

Coming up to the flybridge on DREAMCHASER, and it’s a pretty spectacular flybridge. You’ve got a hot tub up here – that’s probably the primary feature with a little lounge area that surrounds it.

DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Hot Tub
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Hot Tub

And all the way aft, we’ve got a Davit that stores the tender up top side if you’d like to have another jet ski. There’s about enough space for one of those to have sunshade in the form of an awning attaches to these carbon fiber poles. That brings us up here to kind of the eating and entertaining area of the flybridge, perfectly located across from the service area. You’ve got your grill, refrigeration, sink, icemaker, so you can kind of hang up here and not have to leave this space.

DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Flybridge Helm
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Flybridge Helm

Moving further forward on the fly, we’ve got our helm it’s a really nice helm, everything tucks away. Your brand new Garmin displays a nice clean image, all the gauges you need to be able to run this boat properly right at your hands.


This is a cool place to drive the boat when you’re doing 20 plus knots on a yacht this size is pretty spectacular, most boats aren’t going to accomplish that in this range. 


DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Salon
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Salon

It’s pretty loud out there at the show, and it’s really nice to walk into the salon, shut the door and have a peaceful relaxing experience which is exactly what you get aboard DREAMCHASER. Aft of this area, we’ve got our bar, this is great for servicing in here and the exterior. Got an icemaker here and just in front of that, we’ve got our drop-down Smart TV. Again, everything’s throughout the boat, as far as audio visual goes is updated since 2018. Over here on the port side, we’ve got our U-shaped seating that faces that TV.

DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Dining
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Dining

So, it is a really nice space you can actually fit a lot of guests here. We’re going to move forward up to the dinette which is connected directly with this space, making everything feel bigger, whether you’re in the dining area or the salon itself.

DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Salon
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Salon

It’s been updated with a new glass tabletop, with gives a nice feel. And most importantly, you’ve got access to the galley on both port and starboard side, making service way easier for your stew. 


DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Galley
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Galley

So, this is the secondary access into the galley to an L-shape. We just passed a couple of Bosch refrigerators and freezers so those are secondary. We’ve got our fridge here, stovetop, real oven, microwave, all the things you’re going to need to prepare for a meal on board this yacht. All appliances were replaced since 2018, with this refrigerator actually being about seven days old. Direct access to the crew quarters.  


DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Master
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Master

Exiting the galley, we come into the main foyer, and we’re going to take these stairs down to check out the lower accommodations, after you’ll check out this awesome master. And as you walk forward, you got your important day head here. Very comparable to the secondary master stateroom which is located below decks, this something pretty special. We’ve got big windows, got new mattresses, new carpeting, port, we’ve got our vanity. We’ve got a bunch of storage, a secondary closet and you continue around, a little more storage here and in this credenza, the nice flat screen TV and then a huge walk-in closet, with large ensuite. 

So, leaving the on-deck master, we’re going to cruise down the stairs and check out the lower accommodations. Over here, on the starboard side we’ve got the first of the guest staterooms. This one features that side-by-side configuration with a pullman, got tons of storage underneath and a huge walk in closet behind me, and then aft of me, you’ve got an ensuite. Stepping over here on the port side, we’ve got a mirror image stateroom except we’ve got a full size berth as opposed to the side by sides and we’ve got our pullman’s still.

DREAMCHASER 2001 94' FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht - Guest Suite
DREAMCHASER 2001 94′ FERRETTI YACHTS Motor Yacht – Guest Suite

Everything down here was also redone – new carpeting, nice electric blinds, push of a button it goes dark, new smart TVs throughout so your guests are always going to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves while aboard.  

So, we’re heading aft into the largest of the staterooms on this vessel and it’s technically the master or alternate master because you do have the on deck that we just saw before it – this is the most spacious. It’s a full beam, it’s in a really comfortable point on the vessel. If you were to be in a charter program, this would benefit you tremendously to have two master staterooms with large ensuite on the port side we’ve got our makeup vanity and a huge walk-in closet. The TV behind me on the wall will continue back to the starboard side. You’ve got your little seating area and then entrance into a very large head the size of this boat. 


So, here we are in the pilothouse. From here, we have controls for basically everything on board. This whole thing has been updated and revised based on the fact that technology has changed in the last 20 years. Pulling away from dock or even pulling into dock, it’s very simple: you start on one end, and you work your way to the other. All the buttons are in order in which you need to use them, and you also have a nice sofa that you can sit down here or have your mate, stew or chef with you on long voyages to keep you company or to change off shifts and the air conditioners in this room are unreal. They are upgraded from the original Mediterranean spec, it actually stays cool in here, which is difficult considering how much glass we have all around.  

So, I’ve been on board this vessel for about three and a half years. I started in March of 2019 and since then, we’ve gone through a lot of upgrades and changes and the owner and I have a very good understanding of how this boat needs to be maintained. Generally, my budget is whatever needs to be fixed is fixed. We don’t need to discuss every single item. Overall, I fixed what I needed to and therefore the boat is in almost mint condition. It would be basically a brand new 2001. 

Thanks for joining us on board motor yacht DREAMCHASER, it’s a 94-foot Custom Line built in 2001 and I appreciate you guys dealing with all the background noise going on. Saturday Night of the boat show, we got a party to get to, so we’ve got to end this video. But thank you again, and if you have any questions at all, you can contact me or my wife Carrie anytime, we’d love to get you on board. 

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