Featured Catamaran Boat – Lagoon 55 Walkthrough and Video 

Enjoy this walkthrough of the Lagoon 55 catamaran – a beautifully designed and appointed 55ft sailing catamaran, perfect for short or long trips.

Beautifully designed with ample space inside and out, the 55ft Lagoon catamaran makes an excellent choice for summer days spent at sea. Enjoy this detailed walkthrough of the Lagoon 55 model with Lagoon’s Product Manager, Martina Torrini.  

Watch the video Lagoon 55: Walkthrough & Details on YouTube.

Welcome to Bordeaux everybody, I’m Martina Torrini, Product Manager for Lagoon. I’m very excited to present to you today the Lagoon 55, the new boat in the Lagoon range. Let’s start this visit on board with an overview of the exterior design and of the innovation of this new model. 

This new Lagoon 55 reveals a carefully created exterior design; a perfect balance between the Lagoon DNA and innovation. All around the deck boat work lend the boat an elegant and refined profile, offering at the same time, a protected promenade around the deck. The exterior design of the coach roof participates in the overall flowing experience – it is animated by an integrated end drain which contributes to slimming down the overall impression of height in the cut roof as well as featuring the now identifiable Lagoon graphics signature with the roof in perfect levitation. 

The adventure on Lagoon 55 starts with this access on board. A new design and a new location for the stairs allow an incredible space on board for the transoms. The two transoms off now keep completely clear and free to become a real living area. Equipment with the grill platter they give you access and an outside galley just behind your cockpit and thanks to a retractable seat, you can enjoy reading a book or just looking at people swimming.  

The surfaces of the transom are enlarged when the platform is down. The hydraulic platform allows you great circulation between port and starboard. Thanks to this innovative access onboard, the cockpit features a surface of 25 square meters. This new design enlarges the spaces on board and clearly separates the cockpit from the surface of the transom defining two separate areas and clearly giving a sensation of safety and comfort under sail. Thanks to a structural feat making the aft beam completely disappear, the rear cockpit stands out as the real terrace on the water. Two large lounging areas at the back of the cockpit invite clients to relax facing the sea at anchor and staring at the waves.

While on the side design, as an integrated furniture unit, the bar offers a sink and multiple storages. Nice amenities such as cup holders and a wooden cutting board, fridge and ice maker, complete the offer as an option. A large teak table designed for 12 guests provides an incredible standard seating capacity. Double foldable teak tables as an option provide better circulation and flexibility for different use for a dining area or an extra-large cockpit, but also, extra storage in the center of the nacelle are two large storage areas forward for the life raft and three more storages underneath the floor to store all you need on board. Underneath the seats are two large storages, completing the whole volume you can get access to on board. 

Enjoy this walkthrough of the Lagoon 55 catamaran – a beautifully designed and appointed 55ft sailing catamaran, perfect for short or long trips.

On this boat, as on the other Lagoons of this range, the mast is moved back in line with the impressive VPLP design resin, resulting in providing a very high half split ratio. Mainsail and jib give us a total sail area of 186 square meters that jumps up to 266 as we switch to the code zero. Definitely in line with a reactive and seaworthiness sailing yacht. All winches are located in the front, next to the mast and to the helm station thanks to the Harkin FlatWinder, all maneuvers come back to the helm and make life easier for handling the boat alone or short-handed. 

Aft, a large sunbathing area equipped with lift up lamps and cupholders is the perfect location to enjoy reading a book while sailing. Underneath the sunbathing area, are two large storages and a third one next to the dining area. Forward, a second sunbathing area offers clients a new location to enjoy sun and mooring. 

The outdoor fly beach bar is on the starboard side and is fully equipped with refrigerator sink storages and some other amenities such as cup holders, a wooden cutting board and a push-up lamp. The flybridge features a GRP Bimini as an option, with two integrated windows one in the center and one forward to always keep an eye on your sails. As an asset for a smaller crew, an additional access on the starboard is available as an option. Located just behind the helm seat, it ensures more direct access to the fore deck while anchoring with a short-handed crew. 

Accessible from port, the flybridge features three amazing areas. The maneuvering in the front, a large dining area to enjoy life at the top and two relaxing areas, one aft and one forward. The helm station is located forward, fully equipped with electronics, it features practical storage and cup holders, and a large bolster half seat allows friends to sit next to the captain. 

Fully integrated in the design of the boat since the beginning, the forward area is a cozy cocoon. It features lounging and sitting areas – no more boundaries between inside and outside – fully retractable windows make the connection between the full cockpit and the saloon, a great way to connect different moments of life on board and a guarantee for good ventilation. The full cockpit features a cozy, protective area with sofa and loungers, a smart modular system in the front with two additional seats and a folding teak table guarantees a multiple configuration option for this area and easy access to the windlass and to two large storage lockers at the front of the cockpit. Multiple sun protection solutions suit all weather situations and your desires. A fabric cockpit enclosure allows you to create a real private cocoon. A large sun awning with carbon filters creates great solar protection and a nice shady area to enjoy some wonderful time at anchor. 

Welcome to the saloon – 27 square meters of living space, combining a lounging and dining area, a fully equipped galley, a bar and a chart table. Fully connected with the outside thanks to the large sliding window with the rear cockpit, sliding forward windows front cockpit, and two outstanding overhead windows that brings the outside in and enlarges the sensation of the volume, the feeling of luminosity and the ventilation on board. 

Thanks to the modular table, the saloon can be adapted to suit your desire – low table to chill and watch TV or high table to dine with family and friends. The lounging area is completed at the back by a large amount of storage and niches in order that you have all you need at your fingertips. The TV comes out from the ceiling with an electric lift – up and down – and a manual movement to pull it on port or starboard. A bar, strategically positioned in the saloon next to the galley and close to the dinette so that the ritual of the aperitivo is friendly and functional.  

The large chart table on the port side is ideally located, it has a lot of storage underneath the top and next to the side all the electronics are fully accessible. The galley is located between the aft cockpit and the dinette, perfect for preparing and serving in both areas and encourages conviviality across all spaces, whether the guests are indoors or outdoors. A small but significant feature is the series of modular storage units in stainless steel that are here along the galley countertop – a touch of a larger yacht in this stylish interior. The gallery features all the standard equipment at home, a stove, oven, a microwave, a fridge and a large amount of storage in the upper lockers on both sides to complete the volume available on board, underneath the floor, four large storages to store all you need. Each time that we could we have, we switched smart drawers to easy access of all the storage, even underneath the sofa.  

Aboard this Lagoon 55, a secondary galley area stands out on port. The secondary galley on port is a real pantry and a laundry room – it’s an asset for long cruising. The pantry features a full high fridge and freezer and a large amount of storage. It can be equipped with a washing machine and a dryer and become at the same time, a separate laundry room. It is definitely a great offer that completes the already large galley in the saloon. 

One major innovation on board this Lagoon 55 in the saloon, is the integration of the overhead windows in the coach roof. This is a promise of exceptional luminosity in the saloon, and it definitely offers a new view of the outside.

The aft forward VIP cabin is a large cabin that features a lot in common with the owner cabin – a larger bed, numerous storages and a large desk area aft. Three large wardrobes and drawers underneath the bed plus storage onboard, complete the whole volume that this cabin is offering in terms of storage. A lot of luminosity is coming inside this cabin from the outside windows and from the aft windows. A separate larger ensuite completes the benefits of this cabin and raises the level of comfort of this Lagoon 55. 

Enjoy this walkthrough of the Lagoon 55 catamaran – a beautifully designed and appointed 55ft sailing catamaran, perfect for short or long trips.

The forward port cabin features a nice volume thanks to the reduced height of the bed. It is ideally positioned to enjoy the view of the outside. A lot of luminosity coming in thanks to the exterior windows, dedicated wardrobe aft, large doors, underneath the bed. Forward the ensuite and head with all the same details, with a countertop in Corian and the floor and the shower in Corian as well. The shower has a large volume, the whole area is fully ventilated with the deck hatch, and many smart storages complete the scene. 

The forward starboard cabin is a symmetrical layout of the port one. A little smaller volume, but always a nice wardrobe at the back and storage is onboard with smart drawers underneath the bed. Volume and refined atmosphere with great attention to detail the Nauta Design signature is clear in this owner cabin. With private access from the saloon, this suite features an original layout with an open dressing room, and a bathroom area close to the night and the living area there aft The sofa and the double bookshelf outboard invite you to stretch out and comfortably read a book. The large desk aft, together with the numerous storage areas, sets the scene for a perfect home office while cruising. A large bed 1.70m wide, larger than all the other cabins onboard. Real storage outboard drawers on both sides of the bed. As an option, a sliding door comes here next to the sofa to separate the two different areas. The large open bathroom shows up Corian details for the sink and for the floor of the shower. The large shower is fully opened to the sea with the outboard windows and a dedicated edge. On the deck forward, the separate toilet completes the offer of the large, opened head in the owner’s suite.

Enjoy this walkthrough of the Lagoon 55 catamaran – a beautifully designed and appointed 55ft sailing catamaran, perfect for short or long trips.

We are now at the end of this walkthrough on the Lagoon 55, the new entry model in the Lagoon range. I hope you did enjoy the tour. I will just summarize with a few words, the innovation on this new Lagoon. The innovative access on board gives out the sensation of a real extra-large cockpit and the terrace on the water. The two overhead windows that bring the outside in, and this beautiful forward cockpit, where you can really enjoy time with your friends and at moorings. 

I hope to see you soon and I hope you enjoyed this time on board with me. 

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