Charter 101 – Insider Tips for Yacht Charter

Chartering a superyacht for the first time can be a daunting experience. Questions like “what do I wear?” “Do we speak to the crew?” “How do we behave?” are all commonly asked.

This is where your broker comes into play. He/she is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of chartering and can therefore advise on any question you have. The role of the broker is to ensure your vacation runs as smoothly as possible and will be there for you throughout the entire chartering journey, from initial consultation to the aftercare post holiday.

You will receive a preference form to detail what you expect in terms of food and drink and this is also your opportunity to say if you require any other additional elements.

You can ask for the contact details of the captain too and here you can ask any other questions you have. The captain will be only too pleased to help to ensure your expectations are met, and exceeded on your holiday.

Life Onboard

Yacht Protocol

Holidaying on a superyacht is the ultimate in luxury. With top-rate service, fine food mixed with perfect beaches and lazy sea days –it is a vacation to remember. However the etiquette onboard can seem like a foreign concept for those new to yachting. So with a few simple tips you too can become a part of the elite yachting aficionado.

How to behave onboard a luxury yacht charter and what to expect

  • Tipping: It is customary to leave a tip to the captain and crew at the end of a charter – how much is up to you. Standard is 20%.
  • Shoes: Outdoor shoes can never be worn on the yacht –barefoot or indoor, soft non-colored sole shoes is the norm.
  • Clothing: For moving around the deck and lounging round –beach, casual attire is perfectly acceptable. If you prefer to dress for formal dining then again this is at the charterers discretion.Your stewardess will unpack your suitcase on arrival too.
  • What to pack: It is best to use a soft case as apposed to a hard sided one. Toiletries, towels, hairdryers, dressing gowns and slippers are all provided for you on board so no need to pack these items unless there is something particular you want.
  • The crew: The crew are there to ensure you get the most out of your holiday. They are also responsible for your safety so all onboard rules and regulations must be adhered to. Also, if something isn’t to your liking address the captain with the problem. He/she will then fix it if possible.
  • Drugs: On all yachts, all illegal drugs are strictly prohibited without exception.
  • Smoking: Most yachts do not allow smoking indoors however it may be possible to smoke out on deck. Please check with your captain.
  • Roaming the yacht: Your yacht will be divided up between crew and guest space. The crew work very long hours and therefore need downtime too. Make sure you respect the crew quarters and do not enter without invitation. The galley is also deemed a commercial workspace so again entry is strictly by invitation.
  • Financial matters: All financial matters will be discussed prior to the yacht charter including the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) with your broker.The APA is additional to the cost of your charter and covers requested food and drinks while on charter. It is the captain’s job to budget and should the final expense exceed the amount of APA you provided, you will be asked to top this up. The final fee depends on your personal tastes and wants.
  • Relax: This is your holiday so sit back and relax in the hands of the crew.

A superyacht charter is the most personalized form of vacation available. Everything from the itinerary to the food can be tailored to your exact needs. The entire vacation is bespoke.

You can expect a professional superyacht crew that will take of your every need including a personal chef who will cook exactly what you require. The chef can create menus matching your dietary requirement and the provisioning team will ensure your favorite brand of caviaris always stocked.

The whole boat is yours for the entirety of your charter. So unlike a cruise ship or luxury hotel, you needn’t share your experience with anyone else.

The yacht will have first class amenities including home cinema systems, Jacuzzis, latest inter-deck sound systems, a plethora of water toys, Wi-Fi and sometimes a helicopter and dedicated spa and therapist. Most yachts are fitted with zero speed stabilizers meaning minimal rolling and pitching during rough weather.

The itinerary will never be set in stone either. Maybe the weather turns or you have a read about a secret nearby beach. The choice is yours to go where you want. The captain will always try to accommodate where possible.

No other vacation offers such variables that can change on a daily or even hourly basis depending on your desires. Welcome to the world of a luxury superyacht charter.

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