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Founded by Don Aronow, a passionate businessman and racer from New York, Cigarette boats are famous racing boats that have graced our waters since 1969. Located on Thunderboat Row on 188th street in South Florida, Cigarette boats are owned by some notable celebrities including George Bush Senior, King Hussein of Jordan, and the King of Sweden – among many others. Original famous models of the Cigarette boat include the Firefox, the Top Gun, and the Café Racer. In 1990, later models were introduced and include the 46 Rough Rider, the 42 Revolution, and the 42 Tiger. The company’s legacy continued to grow as collectors and afficionados continued to expand their collections. Going into the 2000s, the fate of the company was at stake, but was saved by Skip Braver who purchased it with the goal to renew its foundation of performance and luxury. The company began to team up with technology companies to strengthen its engineering department, and the company began to develop center consoles. The 2010s proved to be great for the company, as they paired with other luxury brands, and grew its center console line. The company integrated its deep vee technology to create high performance vessels that offered more convenience features. Today, the company is still highly notable and famous for its racing boats that are sleek and narrow.  Scroll down to search our boats  for sale MLS listings for all center console and high performance boats listed for Cigarette Boats today!

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Carbon Fiber, Kevlar® and E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Materials

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