5 Elements of a Great Yacht Listing

5 Elements of a Great Yacht Listing

We at YATCO want your yacht listings to shine, to get the most out of using our yachts for sale MLS, and for you to get boat leads, leads, leads! Below are 5 elements that make great yacht listings, as well as some examples of ideal listings.

5 Things That Make or Brake Your Yacht Sales

#1 Great Boat Photos

We can’t stress enough how important good quality photos are. Taking pictures of your listing on your iPhone doesn’t cut through the competition enough.

  • We recommend hiring a photographer to take professional pictures of your yacht listings both inside and out – and running shots as well.
  • Seeing the yacht away from the dock and in its element is ideal. Running shots make the boat appealing and can make it easier for a potential client to visualize themselves on the yacht.
  • Please post at least 7 photos of the yacht; in this case, the more detailed you are with the photos, the better.
  • Also, you should include a picture of the general arrangement so that potential clients get a thorough look at the layout of the yacht.
  • It’s also important to include images of the engine room and work areas – not just the beautiful parts of the yacht!

YATCO can happily refer you to a photographer that will help you make the best of your listings.

#2 Professional Video Shots

The element of adding a video to your listings has become very common nowadays. It’s totally worth the extra money to spend, as it increases your chances of selling the yacht when you include a video.

  • The video should not be taken on an iPhone; it should be professionally video shot so that all aspects of the yacht are shown clearly. Video is ideal to have in your listing, but it’s not an absolute must have.
  • A video certainly adds an interactive element, but some yacht owners prefer to not have video taken of their yacht.

In the case that you would like to add video to your listing, YATCO is happy to refer you some videographers who don’t cost a fortune to shoot your yacht – even with drone footage to get running shots!

#3 Short and Detailed Boat Descriptions

When working in YATCO BOSS and updating your yacht listings, it’s crucial to be as descriptive and accurate as possible with both your short and detailed boat descriptions.

  • Your short vessel description should be at least 50 words.
  • Your detailed vessel description should be around 100 words or more.
  • As this is online, we don’t want them to be too wordy, but we do want to see accuracy and conciseness.
  • Be sure to describe the yacht in an appealing way, not just by listing facts or bullet points.

#4 Vessel Specifications

When inserting vessel specs, it is important to be as detailed as possible in BOSS. We want to give other users what they need without question.

  • Be sure to include any refit information and details of the years and elements that have been upgraded on the yacht. The more, the better.
  • When describing the yacht accommodations, be sure to include the location of the staterooms as well, and not just the number of rooms available. It’s small things like that which make it easier for yacht brokers to decide if a yacht is right for their client, and for potential boat buyers to thoroughly understand what they’re looking at.

#5 Basic Information

There’s nothing “basic” about this section, in fact, it’s one of the most important parts of the listing, as it states the builder, year, flag, and location of the yacht.

  • Also, be as accurate as possible with dimensions of the yacht, as well speed and engine information.
  • It’s also important to enter the hull number and yacht categories so that YATCO can provide you with accurate statistics and intelligence.
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