YATCO Announces Launch Of New Back Office Software Solution (BOSS)

New Back Office Software Launch - YATCO BOSS | YATCO MLS

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (May 2018) YATCO, the Official MLS of Yachting™, announced the launch of their new SaaS YATCO Back Office Software Solution (BOSS). YATCO BOSS is a cutting-edge, integrated software solution specially developed for the yachting industry.

YATCO BOSS consolidates yachts for sale and yachts for charter into one state-of-the-art platform, providing brokers, builders, and dealers a single solution to integrate all facets of sales and marketing online. Available versions include a personal YATCO BOSS™ account, company YATCO BOSS account, and a stand-alone Custom BOSS™ platform for yachting companies of all sizes. Three custom YATCO BOSS platforms have been implemented over the past year.

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