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Located on the San Joaquin River, in California’s Central Valley, Stockton, California has much to offer visiting boaters and yachtsmen. Discover its Oak Grove Regional Park that is filled with trails, a nature center, and a lake filled with catfish waiting for fishermen. Search for new and used yachts and boats in Stockton by builder, length, price, year, and more.


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Search the world’s most accurate database of boats and yachts for sale in Stockton, California. YATCO‘s boat and yacht listings feature a wide selection of new yachts, used yachts and boats, including mega yachts, superyachts, sailing yachts, sailboats, sportfish boats, power boats, trawlers, catamarans, and more. Narrow down your selection by price, length, builder, year, or model. Are you new to yachting? Contact our professional yacht and boat dealers in Stockton below, who are ready to assist you, or search yachts for sale available in other locations near you.

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