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Trojan Yachts History

Founded in 1949 by Jim McQueen and Harper Hull in York, Pennsylvania, The Trojan Boat Company began its humble operations in a dairy barn that was converted for factory use in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where the workforce was mostly Amish. Soon after, they moved to a factory in Lancaster, and within 2 years, the company was producing around 20 boats per week. Over the next several decades, they built tens of thousands of all-wood family cruisers from 25 (7.6m) to 54 feet (16.4m), making Trojan yachts the world’s second largest producer of inboard wooden boats.

By 1968, the facilities had spread to three locations – Lancaster, PA, Elkton, Maryland, and Niagara on the Lake in Ontario Canada; the company had become the largest manufacturer of inboard boat builders in the world, constructing a complete line of wooden boats. The switch to fiberglass came in 1969. Technology in boat building began to change over to fiberglass. Trojan was slow to follow the new trend and by that time, they didn’t have the financing for new molds and were bought out by the Whittaker Corporation. Under the new company, Trojan produced a new line of fiberglass boats, but was eventually bought out again, and unfortunately stopped production in 1992. Trojan Yachts’ exceptionally well- built production-line hulls are seaworthy, reliable and inexpensive to own and operate. Scroll below to search all yacht MLS listings of Trojan Yachts.

York, Pennsylvania

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Trojan Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
10 Meter Express 1981-1989 33ft 13ft 2ft
10 Meter Sedan 1982-1989 33ft 13ft 2ft
10.8 Meter Express 1991-1992 35.41ft 13.16ft 3.58ft
10.8 Meter Sedan 1986-1992 35.33ft 13ft 2.33ft
11 Meter Express 1990-1992 39ft 14ft 3.25ft
11 Meter Express 1983-1989 37.5ft 14ft 3.25ft
11 Meter Sedan 1985-1988 37.5ft 14ft 3.41ft
12 Meter Convertible 1986-1992 39.75ft 14.25ft 3.5ft
12 Meter Express 1989-1992 39.75ft 14.25ft 3.66ft
12 Meter Motor Yacht 1987-1992 39.75ft 14.25ft 3.66ft
13 Meter Express 1984-1990 43ft 16.25ft 3.16ft
14 Meter Convertible 1988-1992 46.25ft 16.25ft 3.5ft
32 Sedan 1973-1991 32ft 13ft 2.5ft
350-360 Express 1995-2001 37.66ft 12ft 2.83ft
36 Convertible 1972-1989 36ft 13ft 2.91ft
370-390-400 Express 1993-2002 35.41ft 13.5ft 3.58ft
440 Express 1995-2002 44.58ft 15ft 4ft

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