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Silverton Yachts History

Silverton Yachts have been recognized for more than 40 years as a premier builder of convertible yachts, luxury motor yachtssportfish boats, and cruisers. Founded in 1966 in Silverton, NJ by the Luhr brothers, Silverton is now owned by Dr. Ira Trocki, who also currently owns Egg Harbor yachts, Buddy Davis yachts, Ocean Yachts, and Ovation yachts. With a clear passion for boating, Silverton builds yachts ranging from 36 to 50 feet in length and includes sportfishers and convertible yachts – all custom tailored to a client’s specifications and needs.

Silverton’s facilities are equipped with the latest construction, design, and manufacturing technology to offer boat owners around the world the luxury blue water yachts of their dreams. The yachts are built with a focus on performance, comfort, and value.

The boat builder’s best-selling model is their Silverton 34 Convertible, which was introduced to the market in 1978. Silverton Yachts for sale are excellent for both new and experienced luxury boat buyers.

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Milville, New Jersey

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Silverton Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
29 Sport Cruiser 1985-1987 29.16ft 10.83ft 1.58ft
31 Convertible 1991-1995 31.16ft 11.66ft 3ft
31 Convertible 1983-1987 31ft 11.91ft 2.91ft
310 Express 1994-2000 32ft 11.5ft 2.16ft
312 Sedan Cruiser 1993-1999 28ft 11.5ft 2.66ft
322 Motor Yacht 1998-2001 37ft 12.33ft 2.91ft
33 Convertible 2007-2010 32.58ft 12.66ft 2.41ft
330 Sport Bridge 1999-2007 35.33ft 12.33ft 2.91ft
34 Convertible 2004-2006 37.58ft 13.83ft 3.25ft
34 Convertible 1991-1995 34.5ft 12.91ft 2.91ft
34 Convertible 1989-1990 34.5ft 12.58ft 3.16ft
34 Convertible 1983-1988 34ft 12.5ft 3.08ft
34 Express 1990-1994 34.25ft 12.66ft 3.08ft
34 Express 1987-1989 34.5ft 12.83ft 3.08ft
34 Motor Yacht 1993-1996 39.83ft 12.83ft 3ft
35 Motor Yacht 2003-2011 40.08ft 13.25ft 2.91ft
351 Sedan; 35 Converts 1997-2003 38.83ft 13ft 2.41ft
352 Motor Yacht 1997-2002 41.33ft 13ft 3.25ft
36 Convertible 2006-2009 37.58ft 13.83ft 3.25ft
362 Sedan Cruiser 1994-1997 36.08ft 12.91ft 3ft
37 Convertible 1990-2000 37.33ft 13.91ft 3.58ft
37 Convertible 1980-1989 37ft 14ft 3.58ft
37 Motor Yacht 1988-1989 37.5ft 13.75ft 3.66ft
372-392 Motor Yacht 1996-2001 43.75ft 14.08ft 3.25ft
38 Convertible 2003-2008 41.08ft 14.25ft 3.58ft
38 Express 1990-1994 37.58ft 13.91ft 3.58ft
38 Sport Bridge 2006-2012 39.91ft 14.33ft 2.91ft
39 Motor Yacht 2002-2008 43.58ft 14ft 3.91ft
40 Aft Cabin 1982-1990 40ft 14ft 3ft
40 Convertible 1985-1990 40ft 14ft 3ft
402-422 Motor Yacht 1996-2001 45.91ft 14.16ft 3.5ft
41 Aft Cabin 1991-1995 41.25ft 14.83ft 3.58ft
41 Convertible 1991-1999 41.25ft 14.83ft 3.58ft
410 Sport Bridge 2001-2004 46.25ft 14.25ft 3.83ft
42 Convertible 2000-2012 44.5ft 14.91ft 3.58ft
43 Motor Yacht 2001-2007 47.58ft 14.83ft 3.66ft
43 Sport Bridge 2006-2012 43.41ft 14.33ft 3.83ft
442 Cockpit 1996-2001 45.91ft 14.25ft 3.5ft
45 Convertible 2006-2012 47.66ft 15.33ft 3.66ft
453 Motor Yacht 1999-2003 47.66ft 15.33ft 4ft
46 Aft Cabin 1990-1997 46.66ft 16.16ft 3.75ft
48-50 Convertible 2004-2008 51.58ft 16.33ft 4ft

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