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Established in 1600 in Italy, Picchiotti was a builder of commercial and military vessels, but eventually ventured in luxury yachts, and aided in pioneering the idea of the recreational motor boat. Over the centuries, they relocated their shipyard and expanded, and were eventually bought out by the Perini Navi Group in the early ‘90s. Ultimately, Perini Navi launched a new series of luxury motor yachts alongside Philippe Briand and Vitruvius Ltd. under the Picchiotti name. Years later, the Perini Navi Group relocated all of its motor yacht production to the Picchotti yard in La Spezia, Italy. Today, the brand builds semi-custom motor yachts up to 73 meters under the name of Picchiotti Vitruvius. Notable Picchiotti yachts include the 50-meter explorer EXUMA, and the 73-meter GRACE E, its flagship yacht.

Aluminum Superstructure, Steel Hull

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