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New and Used Paragon Motor Yachts for Sale

Semi-Custom Long-Range Motor Yachts for Sale

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Based in Taiwan, Paragon Yachts is an American-owned company that builds motor yachts ranging in size from 24 to 30 meters based on a proven hull form. Founded by Scott Robinson, who spent over 25 years as a captain overseeing the building of yachts, Paragon came together by him gathering a trusted group of naval architects, designers and engineers and forming the company. Robinson opened an office in California and began working with a trusted southern Taiwanese yacht manufacturer. With hard work and determination, by 2001, Robinson built a new ISO 9001-Certified facility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and relocated to oversee operations. After about seven years, the team was able to perfect their build process by launching the 24-meter motor yacht ENDLESS SUMMER. Now, the company is able to build semi-custom long-range motor yachts on a proven hull form that exceed clients’ expectations.


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