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Company History

As one of the world’s leading boat brands, Hylas Yachts has been family owned and operated by its third generation, and counting.

At the Queen Long Marine Shipyard in Taiwan, Hyland Yachts builds cruising vessels for discerning yachtsmen looking for high quality boats – both power and sail – and a smooth ride. The shipyard has been constructing Hyland Yachts since 1985 and has produced sailboats for over 40 years, as well as motor yachts.

The Queen Long Marine Shipyard boasts a 32,000 square foot construction hall, a large paint facility and extensive administrative and design facilities as well. Designers and naval architects they work with include Sparkman & Stephens, German Frers, Bill Dixon and Dean Salthouse. Such renowned names in yachting like Frers and Bill Dixon as well as the others prove that these yachts are built with the utmost in experience and expertise. The company and the Queen Long Marine Shipyard has been owned by three generations of the same family and has been operating for over 30 years with dedication and commitment to each build. The mere fact that the yard has worked with such design powerhouses such as Sparkman and Stephens, and Bill Dixon proves what a powerful brand Hylas is in both sail and power. 

The yard is continuously producing new designs and ranges with high innovation and the utmost quality in interior décor as they’ve worked with Zurn Yacht Design and Hot Lab from Italy. Custom interiors reflect the wants and needs of their owners, as Hylas, one of the world’s leading brands, delivers on its reputation for luxury both inside and out.

Hylas Sailing Yachts

The line of Hylas Sailing vessels includes the H46 Classic, H48, the H49 Classic, H57, H60, the H63 and the H70. All yachts are built at the Queen Long Marine Shipyard. Below we examine some of these fine vessels. 

The H46 Classic

This German-Frers designed sailing yacht has a robust modern sail plan with a wide beam that carries over to the stern. Due to the wide beam, this Hylas model has a generous aft master cabin, and a “sugar-scoop” stern that features excellent deck storage for things such as dive gear. The stern also offers easy access to the water, and the yacht offers the option of a deep lead fin keel with a 6’6” draft or a shoal keel with bulb drawing with a shallower draft 5’5”. She offers superb stability and is engineered for unmatched reliability and strength. 

The H57

This Hylas model is new and was designed by Bill Dixon. The sailing yacht just won Boat of the Year from Cruising World’s award for 2022. For enhanced performance, this sailing yacht offers twin helms and rudders. For better strength and insulation, she has a light-weight cored hull and the Solent rig for simpler handling. The Hylas 75 offers a three-cabin layout to meet the needs of friends and family as well as live-aboards who plan extensive cruising. This Hylas model was principally designed to be seamlessly handled by a couple, and she offers the competency of safety and utmost comfort. Who wouldn’t want to own the new Boat of the Year that was designed by the renowned Bill Dixon?

The Hylas H60

The Hylas 60 won Boat of the Year in 2021 by Cruising World magazine for Best Luxury Cruiser. Penned by German Frers, the Hylas H60 was built for comfort and performance at sea. With innovative design and building techniques, functionality and quality are at the top of the list for this Hylas model. Largely created to handle easily if short-handed, the simple sail plan of the Hylas H60 can be helmed without difficulty. The yacht is an excellent choice for couples looking for the contemporary cruising life.

The Hylas 54

No longer being built, the Hylas 54 is still a highly sought-after sailing yacht that was for many years the flagship yacht of the Hylas line. The yacht is easy to sail short-handed, yet is still big enough to live very comfortably onboard. The Hylas 54 is still for sale on some websites, but is no longer being manufactured by the company.  


The exceptional Hylas power yachts include the M44 (Hylas 44), the M49 and the (soon to come) M58. These luxury power yachts are also built in Taiwan at the Queen Long Marine Shipyard. Below we discover a bit more about these two models. Coming soon to the yard is also the M58, which was designed by Zurn Yacht Design in collaboration with Hylas Yachts. 


The Hylas 44 model was designed by Dead Salthouse from New Zealand. This newer model is strong, reliable, and comfortable and reflects the hand-made quality and heritage that powerboat owners have come to expect. The new Hylas 44 (M44), is fuel efficient, has highly functional design, and allows for a maximum space onboard while providing unmatched power and performance. 


A spacious, downeast-style power yacht, the Hylas M49 is fuel efficient and built with remarkable craftsmanship. Amenities are spread over its comprehensive entertainment platform and include a grill, day heads, refrigeration, a sun lounge, a galley, dinette and inclusive helm station. The Hylas M49 is new and is completely handcrafted with the Hylas pedigree and tradition that discerning boat owners have come to expect from one of the world’s leading brands. 

Working with Yacht Brokers

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Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Joseph Huang
  • Size: 42 to 70 feet
  • Type: Center-cockpit sailboats, power, motor and cruising yachts

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