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Company History

Beginning in the 1970s, Fipa Italiana started production with fiberglass motor yachts – a material that was still new to market, yet the company saw its advantages. The shipyard builds fiberglass motor yachts up to 50 meters, steel and light alloy motor yachts up to 80 meters, and open motor yachts up to 50 meters; they also offer complete yacht services. The Fipa Group now includes the following yacht builders: AB Yachts, Maiora yachts, and CBI Navi, and is headquartered in Viareggio, Italy under the name Next Yacht Group.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: Up to 80 meters
  • Type: Motor yachts

In the 1970s


Viareggio, Italy


Fiberglass, Steel and Light Alloy