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What Types of Racing Sailboats are Available for Sale?

Racing sailboats come in a number of styles. From sailing dinghies and daysailers, all the way up to racing sailing yachts — there are plenty of options for those who wish to kick their sailing ventures up a notch.

What are the Key Features to Consider When Purchasing a Racing Sailboat?

When purchasing a racing sailboat, you’ll want to decide on a few things first:

  • Size category – What races will you be entering with your sailboat?
  • Hull types – Will you enter foil races, or will you be looking at more long-range regattas? Choose a hull that will best fit your sailing and racing needs.
  • Keel length – Similar to the above, certain keels will be better fit some races over others.
  • Masts – Too many masts may not enable you to enter certain races.

How Much Do Racing Sailboats Cost?

Racing sailboats on come in a range of prices — from the lower end of $13,000, to those well over $3 million. You can always narrow your search down based on the budget and location you’d like purchase your new racing sailboat.

What is the Average Speed, Measured in Miles Per Hour, That Racing Sailboats Can Achieve?

While the fastest speed ever recorded on a sailboat is over 68 knots, most racing sailboats will be able to clock around 15 knots; while at cruising, sailboats can go around 5 – 7 knots.

What are the Best Racing Sailboats?

Similar to the key features to consider when purchasing a racing sailboat, the best racing sailboat will depend on what type of racing you want to do. Jeanneau and Nautor’s Swan are two stand-out brands for racing sailboats, while Perini Navi models have featured in a number of large sailing yacht regattas as well.

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Are Small Racing Sailboats Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, small racing sailboats are a great way to cut your teeth in the racing world. Small racing sailboats have quicker reaction times and are easier to test out different maneuvers, compared to larger racing sailboats. Most yacht clubs and sailing clubs will have small racing dinghies you can practice on so you can learn what you like and don’t like, before purchasing your own racing sailboat.

Are There Any Benefits to Choosing a New Racing Sailboat Over a Used One, and Vice Versa?

Usually, deciding between a new or used sailboat comes down to budget. Your money will always go further on a used boat, compared to purchasing a brand-new sailboat. A brand-new racing sailboat may be built lighter, with newer technology on it, compared to an older model. However, used sailboats may also come with a long list of trophies and achievements so you already know how the sailboat will perform in races.

As with all boat shopping, it often comes down to the personal tastes and preferences of the buyer, and of course, money.