Island Packet Yacht Buying Guide 2023

Find in this Island Packet Yacht guide insights about the company itself, what to expect when you buy one, and the types they have available.

Island Packet Yachts was founded by Bob Johnson in 1979 in Largo, Florida, with a focus on sailboats ranging from 34 to 52 feet. A naval architect, Johnson built the first sailboat for himself, designed after island-hopping packet vessels. Enjoy our Island Packet yacht FAQ and check out their yachts we have for sale on

Featured Image: MOONDANCE 2004 52′ ISLAND PACKET YACHTS Cruising Sailboat

Buy an Island Packet Yacht FAQ

What happened to Island Packet Yachts and Island Packet still in business?

Island Packet Yachts are still building sailboats right here in Florida! They have a few core models including the IPY 349, IPY 439, and the 42 MS.

Who makes Island Packet Yachts?

Darrell and Leslie Allen took ownership of Island Packet Yachts in January 2017 to continue the legacy started by Johnson. Following a long career as an Island Packet Yachts dealer in San Diego, CA, they are now moving the brand onto the next generation of Island Packet Yachts. The builders behind the brand have grown to over 50 employees, many returning craftsmen from the past, some over with 20 years of experience building Island Packet Yachts.

Where are Island Packet Yachts built?

Island Packet Yachts are still built in Largo, Florida today.

What type of yachts are Island Packets?

Island Packet Yachts are blue water cruising sailing and motor yachts, built with a Full Foil Keel® with protected prop and rudder, roller furling cutter rig or Solent rig with Hoyt® boom. The goal with every yacht built is to create the ultimate comfort and safety while cruising.

How much does a new Island Packet yacht cost?

Island Packet yachts cost $399k to $699k brand new. However, should you be looking at the brokerage market, you’ll be able to find models for considerably less.

How much is a new Island Packet 349 yacht?

A brand new IPY 349 model has a starting price of $399k.

Do Island Packets sail well?

Island Packet Yachts are world-renowned for their exclusive Full Foil Keel® that has provided a benchmark of stability, seaworthiness, and performance.

Island Packet Yachts has won numerous awards over the years, according to their website, resulting from “a company that has always been proudly American owned with our yachts designed and built in Largo, FL. At Island Packet, we understand that the definition of ‘performance’ in the cruising context goes well beyond boat speed and must include safe, simple, predictable, and seakindly handling as well. That is why every model from Island Packet Yachts is designed, engineered, and built to meet these exacting requirements.”

SKYE 2015 37′ 10″ ISLAND PACKET YACHTS Cruising Sailboat

Island Packet Yachts are a proudly American-made boat builder with a long legacy of building stylish and well-performing sailboat and motorsailers. Please see the current Island Packet Yachts for sale on and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news and insights.   

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