Featured Motor Yacht: PRINCESS M Walkthrough & Video

Listed for sale through Ocean Independence, PRINCESS M is a 100ft motor yacht built by Princess Yachts in 2020.

Listed for sale through Sebastian Jerolimov at IYC, PRINCESS M is a 100’ (30m) motor yacht built by Princess Yachts in 2020. Watch the walkthrough video now.

Watch the PRINCESS M – 30m Motor Yacht for Sale – Walkthrough Video video on Youtube.

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome onboard here in Skradin, Croatia to this exceptional 30-meter yacht by the name of PRINCESS M. This is a 30-meter yacht that has a capacity to sleep 10 guests in five staterooms. You have a cruising speed of 17 knots, and it’s on the market for 8.6 million Euros. We would like to thank Ocean Independence for this opportunity to tour this fantastic boat that is listed exclusively by Jelena Vezia, Yacht Broker at Ocean independence Monaco. Without further ado, let’s get started. Welcome onboard.

100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M - Beach Club
100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M – Beach Club

Coming up from this swim platform to the main deck, where here you’re greeted with this welcome desk bar over here, which is the perfect amenity for snacks and drinks. It also has a fridge and all of the facilities to welcome you onboard. Now over here on the stern, we also have a lounge area, converted to a dining saloon alfresco open area with the perfect shadow. And over here you have a staircase that takes you up to the flybridge. But before we go further, let me take you inside.  


100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M - Main Saloon
100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M – Main Saloon

Now we’re here in the main indoor saloon area where you have very comfortable seating, sofas over here, a perfect place to relax with your family and friends. I like the fact that everything is very neutral, which appeals to all different types of tastes for every type of client and this makes it also a perfect charter boat.  

Now, over here, we have this furniture with beautiful wood and leather top and you have a pop-up TV over here. So, you actually can convert this whole area into your private cinema. Now moving here, you can also see the big windows all over. You have full-height windows here for perfect panoramic views, making it very airy and very connected to nature and the ocean and a lot of natural light.  

Now, right here, we have an indoor dining table for eight people. I love this roll over table and a combination with this circle monogram art piece on the background. You have your pieces of wood over here, perfect for servicing. And look everything is well thought out, there are amazing details where you have, you know, your champagne glasses that fit absolutely perfectly.  

Now, right here we have the galley which we’re going to check out next but first please follow me here to the main lobby area. Over here, we have the master cabin upstairs, we have the bridge deck, but first let’s go downstairs to the guest cabins.  


100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M - Twin Cabin
100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M – Twin Cabin

Now going downstairs to the lower deck. We have four guest cabins over here to my back we have actually two VIPs, they are identical. Just near here, we have a queen-size bed and what I like about it is the big windows giving natural light. And I really like this feature over here that of course there is air conditioning everywhere. But if you like to have fresh air, we have a port hole here that gives you that natural first air making it a little bit more airy.  

All of the walls are absolutely perfectly detailed and paneled. We have a TV set here with a vanity desk here for jewelry and accessories. Now, going over here we have a walk-in closet which leads to the ensuite bathroom, something very particular I liked is the fact that they added teak floors, and it has spectacular marble ducts.  

Now opposite the VIP cabins over here, we have these twin cabins, they have the option to automatically, on the push of a button, you can even have them as a queen, or you can separate them and have them as a twin bed setting. I like it that you have also your TV here, your vanity and jewelry set and then everybody is equipped with a perfect ensuite bathroom and shelves.  

And now to continue the tour. Let’s go upstairs to the master bedroom, shall we?

100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M - Stairs
100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M – Stairs


Now coming upstairs to the main deck over here to my left, we can go upstairs to the bridge which we’re going to check out later. We also have a day head here for the guest access. And here we go straight to the galley. Following here, we have very generous sized fridges with freezer over here. Very spacious area, I like the fact that they have a fantastic built-in Miele coffee station. I think here you have the crew lounge which for a size this yacht, a 30 meter is actually quite comfortable here.  

We have a TV, we have a fantastic kitchen set here. You have a lot of space perfectly to serve all of your staff and culinary dreams.  


100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M - Main Cabin
100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M – Main Cabin

And now we are in the master cabin, which you can clearly see the beautiful color and the amount of light provided by these really big size windows to my right and to my left. And you also have skylights over here, you have three very big panels which provide that “night under the stars” feeling, or to wake up refreshed in the morning with natural light.

100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M - Main Cabin Ensuite
100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M – Main Cabin Ensuite

Now, over here, we have this gloss walnut wood cover with leather panel over here, your vanity here with mirrors for makeup or jewelry, your recessed TV over here, sound system, recessed lights, mood lights all over making this very cozy. And I love the colors. It’s all very calm. We have two chairs over here giving it a lounge. Now going one step down here, we reach the master ensuite bathroom. I really like this feature of the teak flooring, I’ve never seen that before on any other yacht, and I must say it gives it a very special feeling to step on the teak while you’re in the shower. I like the combination of wood, marble, the big mirrors, the big size windows, a combination with this teak makes this just the perfect mood for this master bedroom.  

And now we’re leaving the master bedroom over here and we’re going to go upstairs to show you the bridge.  


100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M - Aft Deck
100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M – Aft Deck

This is actually one of the most popular models that Princess Yachts has ever built. And in fact, they stopped building this model, making this yacht a very special one on the market. It has amazing space, is really comfortable and has a lot of features.  

Now this yacht has a cruising speed of about 17 knots and a max speed of 22 knots. You have the option to either get the speed or cruise at a very efficient, low consumption type of pace. Now let’s go up to my favorite part, let’s go up to the flybridge.  


100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M - Flybridge
100’ (30m) 2020 Princess Yachts Motor Yacht PRINCESS M – Flybridge

Now up here at the flybridge, we actually have a second helm over here. A small lounge which makes it my favorite place to sit down. We have this beautiful sunset right now here in Croatia making this moment very, very special. We have here a bar, it has a fridge, it has a sink, it has a freezer, that has an icemaker and is the perfect place to entertain and spend your afternoons while you’re cruising. They have here a U-shaped dining area where you can have the sofas or the chairs, the perfect place for your lunches or dinners with your family and friends. We have sun pads over here and you have a little dinette over here. Actually, this hardtop is a retractable one, so if you want more shadow, you can actually pull this over. 

And now to end this tour guys, let’s go to the bow area to check this out. And what a perfect way to end this tour guys with this fantastic sunset in Croatia over here you have more sun pads and this perfect little lounge when you arrive to the ports. Everywhere you arrive, you arrive in style. And with that being said guys, thank you so much for coming with us on this tour. Thank you again to Ocean Independence. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Leave me your comments on what you think about the yacht and with that being said, welcome onboard. 

We are here with Jelena Vezia. She is one of the few yacht sales brokers in the superyacht industry. She works for Ocean Independence in Monaco and has this exclusive listing on this fantastic yacht so thank you, Jelena for having us onboard.  

Thank you for joining me, Marcela and welcome onboard PRINCESS M.  

I was really impressed with the size because the pictures you sent me and what I saw before don’t do justice. This yacht feels really big.  

PRINCESS M does indeed, she offers exceptional volumes. She’s 162 gross tons and if you go and check the flybridge, it is just massive.  

It looks like a 35-meter yacht.  

She is yes and on top of it the accommodation is very, very voluminous. You have a master on the main deck. It’s a full beam master with three beautiful skylights and you have four equally sized guest cabins on the lower deck.  

Indeed, she was built in 2020, with one owner from new. She has just finished her two-year warranty period, so it’s practically brand new.  

She is obviously up to code. Now everything that has been sorted out as we say later, problems are very common with every new boat and so she’s actually better than new. 

And it is a very good feature here that it only has one owner and that is still covering the warranty period. So it’s a great opportunity. It’s one of the newest ones available in the market right?  

PRINCESS M is the newest available on the brokerage market and yes, I think she is actually the most attractive secondhand opportunity at the moment.  

I think so, if you’ve been in the market currently, looking for a Princess yacht this size, this is the newest available and honestly the model and the layout is just perfect. I love it. Tell us more about what the main features are.  

One of the main features would be that the PRINCESS M motor yacht is MCA compliant – the yacht is actually charter coded so the future owner will be able to use her for charter and obviously she has the AC converter as well which is very attractive for the American market.  

Perfect. Thank you so much, Jelena. So, if you want to get in touch and we will be leaving the details downstairs so that you get in contact with Jelena. Thank you for watching and welcome onboard.

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