Featured Motor Yacht: Arksen 30 Walk Through and Video

Arksen 30 motor yacht, Listen and follow along during this walkthrough of the Arksen 30 motor yacht, the perfect weekender boat for friends and family.

An excellent motor yacht for weekend adventures, the Arksen 30 offers ample space and accommodation across her 31 feet. Read on for more from this transcribed video, or click play to see James Harris, Arksen’s Sales Manager, walk you through some of the key features of the Arksen 30.  

Watch the video Review of the Arksen 30 – an excellent choice for long weekend adventures on YouTube.

This article is a transcription of the video ‘Review of the Arksen 30 – an excellent choice for long weekend adventures’.

I’m really excited to introduce to you the Arksen 30. The ultimate adventure boat, hardcore, with the big sponsons, aluminum hull, married with incredible Italian fabrics, and soft touches on the inside that make it an amazing weekender.  

Starting with the outside most noticeable things – this hull is an aluminum hull. It is really tough. It is really strong. We marry up with that toughness, these lovely big sponsons that run the whole length of the boat that give you all around protection. They’re made from a light density foam so that whilst being incredibly strong, they’re also very light. Further back, we have the bumpers that give you added protection down the sides, fantastic for parking, fantastic for pulling into rocks or coves that you’re not familiar with.

Arksen 30 motor yacht interior

All around the cabin, one of the most noticeable design features – big wrap around 360-degree glass. It gives you fantastic visibility from the inside, but also amazing protection on the roof. We have this big panoramic sunroof, that lets lots of light in. You can open it up to have lots of air flowing through or close it up and you can keep that cabin completely watertight so you’re secure, even in the worst weather conditions. All of them have these lovely big roof racks. So, you have lots of room for storage for toys – your paddleboards, bikes, kit, clothing, the whole lot and go up there and keep your cabin nice and clear and uncluttered for a really good living space. 

Up front, we have this beautiful big foredeck, you’ve got enough space for three people to lie down and enjoy the sun. Foredeck cushions are included as standard. Underneath me here, you have this big anchor well with electric windlass controlled from the helm. It is an incredibly safe and secure environment – you are really locked in on the bow, comfortable to do mooring anchoring, or even fishing. This boat has a Suzuki 350 dual prop on the back, but you can put anything up to two 250hp on the back and it will get you a top speed of over 45 knots.

The Arksen 30 features this really lovely aft deck surrounded by these high ball hooks to keep you really locked in in rough seas. All the seating is folding so you can lift it all up and then you have a beautiful working deck for plenty of space for storage for toys, for scuba gear, for fishing, etc. But bring all the seating down, and you have a nice social space where you can hang out with six people – you’ve got nice deep cushions. The dining table, lifts out, plugs in here and you can sit six people around the nice big dining table and have a really lovely evening meal.  

You’ve also got these great handrails – so even in rough seas, you’re always feeling in a nice safe and secure environment. Easy access to the roof rack from here where you can walk on the sponsons down either side, quick and easy to unload and get your toys on and off.  

Moving to the inside, we have this really nice, enclosed space. Right the way around, we have this 360-degree glazing that gives you this amazing sense of connection with the environment and you can see everything at the same time you’re wrapped in protected, nice and warm and secure.  

On this side here, we have the galley. The boat gives hot and cold running water as standard. Nice little storage cupboards everywhere. Everywhere you look on the boat, there are these lovely little touch points, the details of the leathering on the hand grips, details on the hinges, just elevate this whole space and make it feel really premium, really luxury.  

On this side here, you have the main dining area. This seat falls forward so you can have four people sat around the dining table. Again, lots of little subtle touches like this phone pocket, allows you to keep your phone nice and secure. All around the boat are wireless phone chargers and USB points so you can keep all your tech charged.  

Arksen 30 motor yacht cockpit

Moving further forwards, you have this beautiful helm seat, custom made for Arksen. All of the boats come with a heated seat so you can be really warm even on the coldest winter days. As standard, you have a bolster so you can stand up, you can sit down, it’s a fantastic driving position. Beautiful views, lovely steering wheel, big navigation suite all as standard, including the radar. This boat is using a Suzuki drive, so we have a Suzuki monitor with throttle, bow thruster, standard, windlass standard, trim tabs standard. This is a very, very well-equipped boat.  

Behind me here, we have the head, a lovely electric head with the storage tanks, you also have a sink and a shower. Moving further forwards, you have a really generous double cabin up front which again, I can lie down in which will fit someone 6’ 2” easily. And you also have steps that allow easy access onto that lovely big foredeck for sun lounging, or to activate access to remote control windlass. 

Opposite of the heads, there is a lovely big storage locker, for hanging clothes, a wet locker, that sort of thing and then underneath the helm seat, a really big generous fridge and ice box where you can keep your gin and tonics nice and cold. The dining area – this backrest moves forward to allow dining for four, but then it can roll all the way down to create a flatbed. This table drops down to this level, then you put the insert in and you have a nice double bed to go with the twin cabin up the front, so you can sleep four people, making this boat a fantastic weekender for families or for when your mates come over.

Arksen 30 motor yacht sleeping area

Moving up to the forward cabin, we have this beautiful big space. Lovely upholstery on the sides. Really nice seat cushions with a memory top mattress. And as you can see, I’m six foot two and I have space at the top and I have space at my feet. This is a big bed for big, proportioned people. As you can see in the center, we have this step here – this is what allows easy access up to that foredeck, and it also makes a rather lovely coffee table in the morning.  

Plenty of little storage spaces behind me here, and there’s more at the side of the upholstery panels. You’ve got a lovely, upholstered surface on the ceiling, where we have a little disc to allow fresh air in on humid summer nights. And underneath the mattress, there’s a really big storage bin for that long term storage of cushions.  

So, this space is very cleverly lit – there are two strips of LED backlights that go on and give a really gentle nice, soft light. And then there’s a second switch that allows you to brighten it up with even extra spotlights to come through that make it quite a light and bright space. We’ve got this beautiful sliding window above us, letting loads of fresh air in, or close that space up to make it really warm, very cozy. The boat has a diesel heater as standard, and the diesel heater vents into this space as well as the main cabin. So, you can keep this space super cozy even in January and February when there’s ice around, you still have an amazingly warm, beautiful night.  

So that was a really quick walk through of the Arksen 30. I really hope you like it as much as we do. We’re really, really proud of it. My name is James Harris. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. 

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