Dream Big, Dream Smart: The Latest Yacht Designs Emphasize Functionality and Sustainability

Somnio, The World’s Largest Private Residence Yacht

It all starts with a dream, that vision or idea just waiting to be realized: what if I could design my own yacht? The thought may be fleeting or percolate over time, but when that first meeting with a skilled yacht designer occurs, something magical happens and the dream suddenly transforms into possibility. What if? Can you do that? Has this ever been done? Can it be longer? Sleeker? What about that exterior color my family likes? The potential is endless and the yacht designer’s job is to weave these ideas into an exquisite work of art that combines comfort with practicality.

Featuring Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS)

No Dream Too Big or Too Small

No dream is too big or too small for a skilled yacht designer, and for Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS), the dreams began rather large. The company was founded in 1964 by Robert Tillberg, who served as coordinating interior architect for the fourth MS Kungsholm, which was the prestigious Swedish American Line’s first true transatlantic ocean liner and cruise ship. The largest passenger vessel in Scandinavia at the time, MS Kungsholm was thoughtfully designed with several innovations, including outside cabins and large lido decks, and featured a bright and contemporary interior of golden brown and blue hues, highlighted by curated works of art and finely carved woodwork. Over the decades to come, TDoS produced the interiors for hundreds of large vessels, while making the logical segue into the luxury superyacht market.

While the desire to explore that spurred the conceptualization of the 1964 MS Kungsholm remains constant, TDoS has seen the dreams of its clients evolve to include an emphasis on functionality and sustainability.

Somnio, The World’s Largest Private Residence Yacht

Translating its expertise in large ocean liner design into a modern-day concept, TDoS recently collaborated with U.K.-based yacht design firm Winch Design on the master plan and yacht interior concepts for Somnio, the world’s largest private residence yacht. At a length of 728 feet, the six-deck Somnio will be fitted with 39 customizable apartments and numerous restaurants, bars and amenities, and will claim its record-breaking title once it is launched in 2024.

Somnio, The World’s Largest Private Residence Yacht

Somnio represents the convergence of two industries, says Daniel Nerhagen, TDoS Partner and Yacht Director. While the commercial build side brings functionality, process and efficiency to the project, the superyacht side shares its expertise in design, quality and craftsmanship. “I see shared knowledge and hybrid projects as a natural step for the yachting industry in the coming years,” he says. “All of this gives the owners the best value for their investment.”

Mimer, The Ultimate Expedition Experience

Mimer Yacht Design Concept, The Ultimate Expedition Experience

With the 196ft concept Mimer, the talented team at TDoS challenged themselves to visualize an explorer yacht that would meet the most demanding cruising requirements of Antarctica, while remaining elegant enough to stand out against the vibrant Miami skyline or turn heads when docked stern-to in Monaco’s glittering Port Hercules. This beautiful yet functional yacht concept accommodates 12 guests in six cabins and offers hybrid diesel-electric propulsion, two tender garages, a 6,000nm range, a helipad deck, and all of the amenities desired for transatlantic expeditions.

Mimer Yacht Design Concept, The Ultimate Expedition Experience

Customization remains at the core of every yacht design dream, and the Mimer yacht concept is offered in three yacht layout configurations. For maximum guest space, the World Traveler configuration offers an additional marina/beach lounge on the main deck. If additional storage is the requirement, the Adventure Explorer layout sees the marina/beach lounge replaced with a large, open and multipurpose storage area under the helipad deck. A third configuration offers a fully enclosed helicopter hangar.

Scintilla, Sparkling Sustainability

393ft Scintilla yacht design concept

The 393ft Scintilla yacht concept is a collaboration of yacht design between TDoS, DreamLiner Yachting, IYC, and Laurent Giles Naval Architects. This modern world voyager yacht design is intended to provide the ultimate cruising experience while accommodating up to 36 guests and 44 crew members within a platform that blends functionality with sustainability.

393ft Scintilla yacht design concept

Conceived as a forward-thinking concept that will wear its design well into the future, Scintilla is planned to incorporate locally-sourced and eco-conscious materials throughout its yacht interior and exterior spaces. The design will also accommodate hybrid engines as well as a combination battery and alternative fuel system to meet the needs of environmentally-conscious owners and minimize the yacht’s environmental footprint.

Sustainability Beyond

With nearly 60 years of experience in exterior and interior yacht design as well as furniture and fabric design, branding and graphic design, TDoS takes pride in the expertise of its large multi-faceted team.

Sustainability is integral to the TDoS yacht design process, from the engineering work through the build’s construction. The yacht designers take a sustainable approach when assessing such aspects as sensor-controlled lights and ventilation, natural lighting, energy glazing and external shades, high efficiency appliances and even solar power. TDoS explores the latest in smart technologies as well as innovative renewable and recycled materials for yacht interiors to see how they meld with functional and aesthetic requirements so as to enhance the passenger experience.

Aegir 2.0, A Wind-Powered Trimaran

Aegir 2.0, A Wind-Powered Trimaran yacht design concept

To illustrate the possibilities of green technology and as part of the efforts of the U.N.’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, TDoS created Aegir 2.0, a concept study for a 265ft yacht with an extremely minimal environmental footprint. This wind-powered trimaran combines excellent hydronics with a hybrid wind-electric propulsion system that re-charges all batteries when under sail. Fitted with the amenities expected of a superyacht, including an infinity pool, Jacuzzi tub and seamless indoor/outdoor transitions, the Aegir 2.0 concept combines bespoke Scandinavian luxury with a truly sustainable approach.

“Our thorough know-how caters for new experiences regardless of whether your dreams see you looking for adventures while exploring the world, or enjoying laid-back relaxation in quiet ports,” says Nerhagen. “A green approach in the cruising industry will build trust with environmentally-conscious clients, while inviting a bespoke luxury that caters for tailored experiences with a respect for our ecosystems.”

For further information on Tillberg Design of Sweden, please visit Tillberg Design online at www.tillbergdesign.com.

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