Damen Yachting Delivers Custom Vessel Bad Company Support

Damen Yachting recently delivered BAD COMPANY SUPPORT to its owner, tech entrepreneur and sports fisherman Anthony Hsieh. First of the YS 53 series, BAD COMPANY SUPPORT joins Hsieh’s extensive fleet and will take part in the program’s deep-sea fishing and conservation expeditions. 

The 175ft/53m support vessel will join the BAD COMPANY fleet on their worldwide tour in search of the best sportfishing the ocean has to offer. BAD COMPANY SUPPORT’s main function will be to provide aid to the fleet and will primarily operate in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. While its key purpose is to serve as a technical and functional base for the other vessels (i.e. carrying equipment like a helicopter and submarine), BAD COMPANY SUPPORT will still cruise in style with a bridge deck aft jacuzzi and accommodations for up to 8 guests. The striking, grey-hulled vessel runs with a captain and 10 crew.

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On social media, BAD COMPANY boasts an impressive following of over 154,000 Instagram and YouTube subscribers. Described as the world’s largest private fishing program, the fleet is dedicated to Hsieh’s dream of chasing giant billfish across the globe. 

While Damen Yachting is responsible for the yacht interior and exterior design and naval architecture of BAD COMPANY SUPPORT, the company worked closely with the owner and his team to ensure the boat met all of Hsieh’s requirements. 

“In pursuit of a lifelong dream, the owner’s involvement has been crucial in shaping the project,” said Owner’s representative, Neil Emmott. He noted the vessel contains “enhancements based on [the owner’s] personal and very specific requests, such as accommodating a game boat, including a helicopter hangar, adding a custom jacuzzi, transforming the main deck lounge into a dedicated strategy meeting room, and integrating a Starlink antenna for improved connectivity.”

BAD COMPANY SUPPORT, delivered to owner by Damen Yachting, joins BAD COMPANY sportfishing fleet.

Damen Yachting Project Manager Salih Saim Kaya said, “As the Project Manager for BAD COMPANY 175, I am honored to have been part of the build of this remarkable vessel – the first in the series.” 

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