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A yacht charter to Java can explore the arts and culture scene of Indonesia.

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Indonesia Yacht Charter / The Largest Archipelago In The World

Being the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia comprises somewhere between 13000 and 17000 islands encompassing 34 provinces. In theory this should be one of most popular areas for yachting. In practice, very few yachts sail these waters however, when you do arrive in the region for a yacht charter expect desolate anchorages, remote sandy beaches and deserted islands.

The most tourist-heavy place is the island of Bali – most yachts arrive into Serangan to start the itinerary. The international airport is well served and there are an abundance of high-end hotels ready for you to bookend your yacht charter. One of the most idyllic cruising areas in the world to emerge over the past few years has to be Raja Ampat. Comprising 1400 small, but perfectly formed islands rising out of the sea on the northwest tip of New Guinea, this area is a diver’s paradise. Diver’s can expect underwater falls, excellent drift dives and owning 9.8 million acres of land and sea, Raja Ampat is home to 540 types of corals, more than 1,000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. The way to get here is by way of a stop in New Guinea first.

Borneo – this island known as the island of Orangutans, Borneo has a diverse geographical spread of mountains, jungle and beach. In the north, Sabah is for adventurists – you can climb Mount Kinabalu or trek in the dense rainforests. Head south and to Sarawak to explore the Orang-utan sanctuary, where it is possible to watch feeding in the natural habitat.

A true highlight on a yacht charter in Borneo is a visit to Turtle Island, located in the Selu Sea just outside of Sandakan. This is a turtle rescue programme where only a handful of people can visit to watch the releasing of the baby turtles plus see the mothers emerge from the sea to lay their eggs.

A yacht charter to Java can explore the arts and culture scene of Indonesia; Make sure you visit the old colonial hub of Indonesia in Taman Fatahillah.

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Indonesia – Top Marinas

Big Boat Quay, Bali: This marina is well serviced and placed for your yacht charter in Indonesia; It is located to the south of Bali near to parties, shops and restaurants. It also offers fantastic diving and snorkelling opportunities. Big Boat Quay / Bali

Indonesia – Top Anchorages

Raja Ampat archipelago is a must see on any yacht charter to Indonesia. The entire region will offer innumerable opportunities to anchor wherever you choose in idyllic and remote anchorages. Komodo National Park – Rinca Island. Head out into the jungle to look for the famous Komodo Dragon. A guide will pick you up and offer a tour of the region, offering many tips on how to track the dragon. Make sure you bring your camera! Komodo National Park/ Raja Ampat / Rinca Island

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