Boston Whaler Boat Buying Guide 2023

Boston Whaler Boats was founded in 1958 in Massachusetts by Richard Fisher and remains an iconic American-made boat company. Specializing in inshore and offshore fishing vessels, sport fishing boats, recreational boats, and even tenders. Today we explore the many aspects of owning a Boston Whaler. Read on for more.

Image Source: Lobo Del Mar II 2022 40′ BOSTON WHALER Motor Yacht

Buy a Boston Whaler Boat FAQ 

Who owns Boston Whaler Boats?

Boston Whaler Boats is currently owned by the Brunswick Boat Group, a division of the Brunswick Corporation. While the company was started in Massachusetts, the yachts are currently manufactured in Edgewater, Florida.

What is a Boston Whaler?

A Boston Whaler could be a variety of boats you see on the water today. Whether you are into fishing, family cruising or watersports, Boston Whaler has models to suit your needs. For example, the 150 Montauk model is typically used for fishing, cruising, and watersports as it blends comfort, utility, and reliability. New Boston Whaler models include everything one could need for anglers, including a live well, rod holders, a cooler and fish-finding electronics. Whether you want to see what you can catch for dinner or pack a lunch and cruise the day away with the family, there are several different models to choose from.

How much is a Boston Whaler?

Given the range of capabilities of a Boston Whaler, the price can vary a lot across the spectrum.

On the smaller end, a 17ft Boston Whaler from the 1980s will cost you around $30,000; while a newer 2022 40ft Boston Whaler Conquest will cost $1.5 million.

Working with a reputable broker will ensure you’re buying the right model for your needs (and with the right price tag).

What is so special about a Boston Whaler boat?

When Boston Whaler first came on the scene in the 1950s, their impressive claim to fame was that they were the “unsinkable boat” with ads even showing them sawing a boat in half and navigating back to shore!

To this day, each boat is built with maximum durability, dependability and structural soundness.

Boston Whaler aims to give you the best of both worlds – a pleasure vessel, with excellent fishing features – and vice versa.

How many people can a 15-foot Boston Whaler hold?

While a 15ft Boston Whaler can fit up to six people, you may be more comfortable with closer to four or five for added space for anything you want to pack for your day trip.

How much is a 20-foot Boston Whaler?

Similar to other boats, not all 20ft Boston Whalers are built the same or therefore, cost the same. A newer 20ft Boston Whaler will cost much more than a decades-old boat. If you’re looking at an older model, a 20ft Boston Whaler will cost roughly $40,000, while a newer 2022 model could cost more than double that.

How much is a 24-foot Boston Whaler?

As above, depending on the year and model of the Boston Whaler you are considering, a 24ft boat will likely start at around $100,000 and climb from there. However, as with all used boats, you will find options on the lower end of this scale, and above and beyond it as well.

When looking at used yachts for sale, the key items that will affect the price are: 

  • Year 
  • Model 
  • Length 
  • Condition 
  • Engine Hours 

Boston Whaler boats are an excellent choice for those looking to buy a boat from 13 to 42ft built in America. For a list of the latest Boston Whaler boats for sale on YATCO, please click here.  

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