Yachting's Back Office Software Solution.

One Integrated Solution for All

YATCO BOSS, Back Office Software System will far surpass the most advanced company management solution on the market today & has been specifically created to answer the need of the yachting industry to have one affordable & intuitive platform to manage all.

YATCO BOSS™ Core Solutions

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Fleet, Yacht & Listing Management with YATCO MLS Data Sync & Instant Digital Publishing Capability
Automate Contracts & Company Documents through the Integration of BOSS Data & E-Signature Technology
Analyze Prospects & Complex Company & Market Trends with Key BOSS Solution Integration in Real-Time & with Dynamic Visuals
Eliminates All Company & Listing Data Re-Entry to Increase Productivity & Decrease Inaccuracies
Manage your Customer’s Digital Experience from One Master Calendar Integrated with Scheduling, Alerts & Approval Processes from all BOSS Solutions
Deliver Up-to-date Blog, News & Events Content to your Website In-Real Time to Drive Demand & Increase SEO
Access the Industries Top Search Network including the YATCO MLS, USCG, Sold Boats & Company wide Search all from BOSS
Use Customer Insights Through BOSS Integrations to Create Personalized & Targeted Email Campaigns & Ensure a Compelling Customer Experience
Store, Access & Publish All Your Company's Digital Content Anywhere, Anytime
Leverage Visitor & Customer Data to Create Intelligent B2C Marketing & Sales Strategies
Instantly Post & Feature Yacht Listings on All Social Media Channels with leaving the BOSS System
Administrative, Security & User Roles Customized to Meet the Needs of your Company

Fleet Manager ™ MLS

Decades of Expertise
Leverage decades of expertise, millions of dollars in research & development to Power your Back Office Software Solution. No other system handles complex industry-specific functionality, integration & processes like BOSS.
Customize BOSS for your company’s unique needs. YATCO will expand standard BOSS data schema, to accommodate all internal required company & data fields.
Complete Listing Control
Set visibility controls for every listing to ensure you are reaching the right audience. Your listings can be published to BOSS internal only, your company’s website, YATCO MLS, YATCO.COM, Syndication (Other brokers’ & 3rd party websites) & any other systems that can accept the BOSS XML data feed.
Find yacht listings by smart searching your BOSS database or the Worldwide YATCO MLS from within BOSS user interface.
Add, Edit, Search & Print
Add, edit, search & print yacht listings based on BOSS Security Roles which are easily customized to meet your company’s needs.
File Integration
Access all listing photos, videos & documentation from the File Manager. Listings published to your website, and selected media will automatically upload.

Data Exchange Technology (DEX) & Syndication

BOSS DEX Technology
All BOSS data is powered by YATCO Data Exchange (DEX) Technology, allowing for ultra-fast searching of live data from your BOSS database, company website, YATCO MLS & more.
BOSS Network
Increase your visibility & reach by joining the BOSS Solutions Network, providing unlimited professionals-only syndication opportunities like the YATCO MLS, 3rd party marketing websites & yacht broker websites.
Eliminates Duplicate Data Entry
Eliminate multiple data entry to multiple sites to save valuable company time, resources & dramatically decrease potential inaccuracies due to human error
Instant Global Cloud Publishing
Own your data by freely publishing your listings to any website in the world that accepts your data feeds all managed from BOSS.


Everything in One Place
Search Multiple platforms without leaving BOSS including the YATCO MLS, USCG Search, Sold Yachts Database, 3rd Party sites & more
Access The Official MLS of Yachting without ever leaving the user BOSS interface. MLS Listings populate in the user interface for intuitive browsing.
Internal Company Search
Quick search all internal company listings, contact, employees & documents using the cutting- edge technology that has Powered the YATCO MLS for over 15 years.
3rd Party Integration
Easily customize BOSS search functionality by adding any 3rd Party MLS Platforms adhering to BOSS advanced search methods.

Sales Manager ™ CRM

Streamline Relationships
Synchronize all customer, sales, marketing, relationship data & technical support in one place to understand your customer on a deeper level.
Custom Campaigns
Visually monitor & project sales pipelines with custom code & functionality to meet your marketing & sales needs.
Client Tracker
Automatically or manually rank contacts based on personal experience, user input, activity tracking & the marketing responses that are most important to your company
BOSS Integrations
Utilize BOSS integrations to auto create electronic forms with customer information or harness your data to create targeted marketing or auto-prospecting campaigns.

Closing Manager ™

Dynamic Company Documents
Access all your company documents in dynamic digital HTML files formatted to accept & integrate data from other BOSS Solutions. This process is performed during the initial BOSS data integration phase & continues with your BOSS Subscription as your company documentation needs change over time.
Intuitive Document Filing
Increase your administrative capabilities & productivity with intuitive document organization. Like documents or documents belonging to a client, a transaction can be organized into groups & easily accessed from the DOCS menu.
Document Sync
Your documents groups are inked & can be accessed from other BOSS Solutions pertaining to that document. For example, a purchasing contract document group will be stored in the Solution and will link to the purchasing customer’s history within the Sales Manager ™ & the vessel within the Fleet Manager ™.
Acceptance & Rejection
  • Acceptance of Vessel
  • Conditional Acceptance of Vessel
  • Rejection of Vessel
  • Bill of Sale
  • Escrow Agreement
  • Disbursemenr of Funds
  • Payoff Verification
  • Wire Transfer Information
Purchase & Sale
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Amendment
Closing Documents
  • Buyer Closing Statement
  • Seller Closing Statement
Listing Documents
  • Central Listing Agreement
  • Co-Brokerage Agreement
  • Amendment to Listing Agreement
  • Showing Instructions
  • Showing Log
Tax & Insurance
  • Insurance Waiver
  • Amendment
  • New Boat Dealer Agreement
  • Used Boat Dealer Agreement
  • Trade-In Vessel Addendum
  • Association Forms
  • Custom Forms


Manage Everything
Synchronize all scheduled events, planned content updates, email marketing, social media marketing, alerts & more from all BOSS Solutions in one place.
Get the Big Picture
See your marketing & sales efforts on a large scale to ensure your company is connecting & interacting with your customers effectively.
Company Alerts
Utilize the calendar feature to create personal or company alerts to improve efficiency, accuracy & company communication

Email Marketer ™

BOSS Integration
Transform your Customer & Fleet data into dynamic user in formation & content that fits perfectly within your company's email marketing templates. Organize contacts into email groups to send compelling targeted email campaigns.
Dynamic Reporting Features
Dynamic dashboard displays organize sent email analytics & reports bounced, opened & click- through rates giving invaluable insight into your marketing & sales efforts.
Tested & Compatible
For complex marketing email blasts, YATCO will assist with the creation of tested & compatible email templates to be automated in BOSS. Responsive email templates are tested across all email clients & mobile devices.
Marketing Calendar
BOSS Calendar schedules & stages email campaigns for a future release. The marketing calendar also manages the scheduling for all website Blog postings, Press Releases & scheduled alerts.
Targeted Campaigns
Workflows are inserted into BOSS for auto emailing specific contacts based on designed triggers, i.e. auto email alert for clients in a particular group when there is a price reduction on a vessel matching their criteria.

Social Publisher ™

All Social in One Place
Automatic social network integration to adapt your content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin Pinterest, FourSquare, Vimeo, YouTube, Google +
Social Dashboard
Monitor conversations, content & engagement of all your social media platforms from the dashboard.
Instant Listing Presence
Share your listings with the world instantly with BOSS integrated social media publishing.
Insight Integration
Optimize your social media presence with in-depth social analytics & reports that help improve sales targeting & brand engagement.

Insights Analytics ™

BOSS Integration
Measure the true impact of your sales & marketing efforts through dynamic real time analytics & reports.
Listing Engagement
View detailed reports on who is interacting with your listing, where they are spending time, what prompts a customer to contact your company & more.
Auto Prospecter
Expand your sales strategy with BOSS Auto-Prospecting, the only Solution that uses complex algorithms to analyze not only all BOSS data but data from external sites such as Google, YATCO MLS & industry resources to match your listings with potential qualified buyers

Website Manager ™

Created On the Go
Create & Edit dynamic content on your company website instantly from BOSS, no need to request & wait for changes from your website management team.
Approval Process
Assign custom security roles to streamline your companies unique content approval process to ensure only final content gets published to your site.
Sort all content by date, content type & assigned meta-data or tags to track website updates & content engagement.
Make sure your customers stay up to date with relevant company & industry events. Utilize strategic contact data to target these events to each customer's unique needs.
Press Releases
Publish standard PR formatted press releases including a headline, sub-header, dateline, intro paragraph, body, boilerplate, source & media contact info.
Post unique content, re-post content from other websites & highlight listings or key company employees as blog posts managed from the Website Manager.

File Manager ™

All Assets in One Place
Easily organize & manage all your company assets across all BOSS Solutions in one place to increase productivity & streamline brand management.
Listing Asset Management
Manage all listing video, photos, documents, schematics & other media to quickly share with potential customers or publish to company email templates, website content, social media platforms, YATCO MLS or any other digital platform.
Meta-Data Management
Optimize your images for searching by automatically assigning meta-data & tags to individual assets to create groups of assets that can be shared with clients or distributed internally.

User Management

Administrative Controls
BOSS Administrators have full control to add/delete users & apply security roles as needed.
User Accounts
Assigned BOSS Users have the ability to edit his or her own profile & contact information, head shot & universal preference site settings.
Dynamic User Interface & Profiles
Manage all employee profiles for the executive team, broker team & specialists in one. Additional user roles can be customized to fit your company’s needs.